Art Marketing Monday & Marker Winner!

Happy Labor Day friends! Many of you are enjoying a day off work today and I am sure a lot of you are taking some of that free time to craft. I have been knitting with my girls and chilling out myself today. As you create your wonderful art I want you to keep today’s art marketing tip in mind. Do you want to get more exposure for your art? I’ll tell you how. Video!

It really is that simple. Now I do recommend you have a blog or website so people can find out more about you if they love your art. Then when you have your blog or website set up you can set that up to automate out to your social media every time you update it. You still want to craft these specific social media posts that I told you about in the video but the automation aspect can fill in between times so you can use your time to make art and not just post about it. To learn more about that please check out our sponsor’s free Social Media Automation course. Renae specializes in handmade businesses and I am proud to call her a personal friend.

I almost forgot, It is time to pick a winner for the CraftyCroc Liquid Chalk marker giveaway! And the winner is……. lilpiggy40 Please check your email for details to claim your prize! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



3 thoughts on “Art Marketing Monday & Marker Winner!

  1. I think Renae rocks! I took one of her live classes and it was awesome. I just wish I had the energy and time to have my own blog, but I just don’t. So, I’ll just watch you instead. You rock too!


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