Lots of Cards, Lots of Techniques & Lots of FUN!

Hi friends, the other day I made 20 cards in under 2 hours. Now, I am not suggesting that you should rush but I had a ball. I challenged myself to use only what was in the Watercolor Wishes card kit from Stampin’ Up! and my own adhesive.


The really funny thing was I used a kit and my cards looked nothing like the ones in the directions that came with the kit but that’s OK, many of you said you wanted to see me use this kit on my last haul video and I would rather give you other options on what to do with the supplies. Add the 20 cards I demonstrate today with the 20 in the kit and you have 40 ideas! Woohoo! Don’t fret if you don’t have this kit, you can improvise with what you have at home, the techniques I am going to show you today will work for any cards or scrapbook pages.


This video is sponsored by Luvin’ Stampin’, home of independent Stampin’ Up Demonstrator Wendy Cranford, and the Stamp Luvers Club. If you would like to join her club you simply agree to spend $15 a month on YOUR CHOICE of supplies from her Stampin’ Up shop for 10 months. One month you will be the Honored Stamper and get $25 of your choice of supplies for free! Also you get a free live stream class and make and take every month. How cool is that? You can find out more at Luvin Stampin.


I think a kit like this is perfect for someone who wants to get the watercolor look but does not want the mess or someone who wants to make a bunch of pretty cards quickly and inexpensively. It is also a nice gift idea! I hope you found these techniques useful and you try them on your next cards! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


10 Responses

  1. Awesome video!! Thanks for all of your great ideas and techniques!!


  2. Lindsay, I am a big fan of your videos, reviews and talent. This one was a great technique instructional, and a great promotion for me, as I am on the fence regarding purchasing this set. Thank you for your hard work. Love your sense of humor also, and your caring of your audience’s possible budget restictions. Have a great week.


  3. WOW! Lindsay the cards are all very pretty! Enjoy the video thank you so much for sharing! hugs Liz x


  4. What a fun and fast way to make cards. They all turned out wonderful. I appreciate all the fun little tips you gave. Thanks so much.


  5. I like the lighter look of these cards. My favorite card of all time is Your mason jar with the roses. Stamping class #4. Thank you for all your videos.


  6. I love your cards and have tried making some recently…but I am having a lot of trouble with adhesive. The only thing that seems to hold is wet adhesive and everything wrinkles. None of the tape seems to hold things down. What on earth am I doing wrong?????? Want so badly to get into the card thing….but can’t seem to put them together! Can you address this in stamp school….please!!!!


    • I too had this problem, it apears to stick but later on you realize it isn’t, liquid glue is a nightmare for me, the cards buckle and I have it everywhere. I finally bought FAST Fuse, Snail and Tear and Tape from Stampin Up – you can purchase online without having to go to a party or know a demonstrator. Fast Fuse is never coming off and you have to be sure before you lay it down – it also has a learning curve, you have to hold it correctly and release the glue strip by making a check mark motion with your hand at the end of each application. Snail, you have about three seconds to move, but if you tap it into place it is stuck. Tear and Tape is on a roll and double sided, it too is extremely strong but more expensive then the following tapes that I have used with great results. There are many tear tape makers that come in rolls check Amazon for Scor-Tape – it comes in various widths. Tear It ! http://www.imaginecrafts.com is super strong. Xpress It is also very strong and in varying widths. Finally I also bought an ATG Scotch Gun and purchased scrapbooking tape from thetapedepot.com, buy it by the case if you can, the price per roll decreases, it is offered in different widths – my experience is with the 1/4″. As well they offer ATG guns that are a bit cheaper than Scotch brand , the numerous product reviews on the site all state a great experience with there brand ATG however, I do own or use their brand ATG gun.


  7. I love all the cards you made – so quick. It always takes me an age to decide on my lay out. I liked the way you kept to a similar lay out with your cards, but they were all different. Will have to collect a few of my supplies together to make my own kit and then give this a go. Thanks for the inspiration. Melanie xx


  8. You’re the best. My kit is arriving tomorrow. In your last video I commented that I would like to see your creativeness with this kit, and here it is. Awesome. Thank-you so much, DianaLew


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