How about a tiny book from leftover paper?

Hi friends! tonight I have another bookmaking project for you. It is the same idea as the books we made last week but you get double the pages and the book is half the size. You just need a few more folds and 2 more cuts.


Watch the video to see how easy it is!

Find the stamps I used Lost coast Designs here.

Scrapbook paper 12″x12″
gold pigment ink
Gold embossing powder
heat tool
stamps adhesive
Colorbox blends in black

I hope you try this fun bookmaking idea! Think of all the old scrapbook papers you can use up! Happy Crafting!

12 thoughts on “How about a tiny book from leftover paper?

  1. Lindsay–I have never not liked any of your posts–probably the comment was not critical, probably just did not meet the needs of the viewer and so was a little frustrating for him or her. You keep us happy.


  2. What is your work surface? I like the idea of the grid on it. I’m not very good at lining things up. Love all your videos. Will be making many of these books for gifts. The hardware stamps are so different and cool. Keep on keeping on, Lindsay!


  3. Thanks so much for this! I prepare the program for our Sunday church meetings and always have leftovers. I hate to just toss those pages so this morning I made two mini books using three 8.5 by 11. Those were really tiny put fit in my pocket so easily to write notes or email addresses or whatever…so thanks again. So simple and easy.

    Also…do you have a pattern for making a frame about 5″ by 7″ that would allow you to slide in children’s art but change it when a new batch of art came in? We have spots on our walls at church that are just screaming for about five frames with kiddie, or adult, art but need to be change-able.

    Thanks so much.


    1. what kind of materials did you want to use to make the frames? I know that hobby stores have plexiglass frame that are about $1 that allow you to quickly change art on paper


      1. Thanks so much! I will look for them. Sorry I did not see your kind response until tonight. (I am not very good at WordPress yet…)


  4. Thank you for showing us those books/minibooks to make, they are a ton of fun to create. My daughter (12 years old) did it all by herself while watching your video. You are so awesome, thank you for making them free for us. I am addicted to making books, please keep those coming.


  5. Ahh yes, elementary school during the early 60s and making book covers, during the first week of school with large grocery bags. Thanks for the memories and the tutorial. Great little gift ideas. Boy, has your number of subscribers exploded over the past couple years. Congrats, Ms. Maine. We love you and your tutorials.


  6. I never have too many books to create when I go out to appointments. I will definitely be making these. Great video like always. Sending love from New York


  7. Thanks, Lindsay! Great idea! You had me laughing so much with your “glue bugger” term I couldn’t pay attention to the actual folding process, but I’m sure it will fall into place when I need to do it. Thanks for the good laugh… there are few things to laugh about these days.


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