Faux-saic Box!

Hi friends! Grab your stencils and embossing paste and let’s make Faux Mosaics!


Kraft Jewelry Box 5″x6″:
Acrylic paint (grout color, I used white)
Glass Paint (Transparent)
Copper Tape
Stencil (Patti Tolley Parrish from istencil)
Stencil Embossing Paste (pearl-Dreamweaver)
paint brush, palette knife, scraper

Papermart supplies used in the card set
Jewelry Tissue on a roll
bulk envelopes
Baker’s Twine

Let me know if you want a demo on making the card set!

Mosaic box directions:
1. Paint box white, let dry.
2. Tape stencil to box lid and spread stencil paste on top. Remove and clean stencil, let dry.
3. Paint raised squares and bottom edges of box. Let dry.
4. Add copper tape to edges of the box lid if desired.

I put handmade cards in my box, what will you put in yours? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Sponsored by Papermart.

10 thoughts on “Faux-saic Box!

  1. Always great information! I love how you have links to what you used (in case we missed it while you were talking) and don’t assume we have previous knowledge of whatever medium you are using (especially liked the stamp school series!) Thank you!


    1. that would depend on how embellished you made the cards but I could put 8 of these in the box. There are no discount codes for papermart, their prices are always rock bottom and the quality is very high.


  2. These boxes are so cute and I love the mosaic. Two questions: Where did you get the stencil? and Is there a reason you didn’t paint the box before you removed the stencil? Looks like it would have been easier and less chance of getting out of line.


    1. you can replace the stancil foa painting but do net the stencil paste dry with the stencil in place or it might not come off.


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