My Mega August Crafty Haul!

My studio is full to bursting with crafty goodness for upcoming tutorials, have a look!


If you want to see everything then watch the video and be sure to let me know what products you would like to see me demonstrate first.


Craft Supplies from the video:

I think that is everything from this haul, let me know if I missed any thing:)
Disclaimer: Some of these products came from sponsors or were sent by companies in exchange for promotional consideration. That said,I only use products that I love and you will always get my honest opinion about them as well as DIY alternative for things you already have. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

27 thoughts on “My Mega August Crafty Haul!

  1. For the jewelry tutorials, can you please do a tutorial on memory wire bracelets? I need info on doing the ends!!! Also, what happened to your Facebook page? I can no longer find it 😩


  2. Wow, lucky you…a treasure trove! I would like to see a show about transfers. Also have you used Faber Castell Paper Crafters crayons? Any videos about those? Thanks


  3. I have ordered the two sets of Colour Burst from your Rubbernecker link, and although I watched a couple of their videos, I would love to see what you can come up with for these amazing powders – wondering if I should transfer all my Perfect Pearls and Pearl Ex powders to squeeze bottles – what a party I could have !!


  4. Def. I enjoy watching your new things and little chat and ideas you talk about πŸ™‚ Luv those turtles. Hope you can make great jewelries out of them πŸ™‚


  5. WOW, what a haul. Anxious to see you use it all. I’d really like to see you use the Stampendous stamp set with all the branches with the 3 or more birds as considering buying it. Thank you and happy crafting. Edna Burgess


  6. Would love to see the Ken Oliver Color Bursts in action and then how you would use them as a background for some of those Stampendous stamps!


  7. Another great video Lindsay! Cant wait to see you use the resin flowers for jewelry. Im trying to color them. Not thriller with results.


  8. Question: Lindsay can you please tell me what GESSO is used for,
    and when do you use CLEAR, WHITE, BLACK and not sure if it comes in any other color. Im confused as to what this is used for, or if it can
    be used in many ways for many things….Thanks for your help.


    1. it is a primer for canvas and many people like to prime art journal pages with it too the make them revive wet media better. Most used is white, then black and clear is probably more for art journalers of if you want to see the color of the substrate.


  9. Will you be a design team member for Butter Bee Scraps? I follow a couple of their bloggers. I can’t wait to see what how you’ll use them! I would love to see your scrapbook pages or mixed media you’ve done with them. I love your inspiration and enthusiasm! It’s very motivating!


  10. I look forward to all your tutorials. I especially want to see more “beginner” water coloring. I’ve always liked the look but never knew where to start. Appreciate your frugal tips by the way.


  11. I’m really looking forward to seeing you use the large leaf set from Stampendous( the regular, not the zentangle one). I’ve been thinking about buying that one for a while. Also really excited about the Color Bursts, I’ve really been wanting some of those watercolor powders, they look like so much fun! Absolutely love your vids. Getting to see your boo boos, and hearing your chatter makes it feel like crafting with a friend!


  12. Please show us how to use the Gel Transfer stuff.
    Also, from a previous ‘haul,’ I’d love to see what you do with pan pastels. Thanks!


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