Art on the Go!

Hi friends! Today we are making a cute little travel art kit that is perfect for creating art on vacation or keeping the kids busy during long car rides.


It is inexpensive using supplies from our sponsor Papermart:

Kraft Box 5″x6″
Washi Tape
Grossgrain Ribbon
Hook and Loop Tape (aka Velcro)

watercolor pencils (sawed in half)
watercolor paper
watercolor paint
waterbrush mini

Those are some ideas to get you started but you can fill the box with whatever you like! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!




3 Responses

  1. I do make my card sets as gifts but I don’t have the storage for 50 boxes! Can I buy 5 from you? I think you come up with the best ideas! You could also cover the box with pattered paper or duct tape! Thanks!


  2. I love this idea, it so much better then having the kids play with just their cell phones and Ipads.


  3. Every year when all the school supplies are on sale, I used to buy a whole bunch of art supplies and made little kits like you did for my grandkids. I kept them in my car so when they were with me that had something to do. They had a great time, but now they are teens and I can’t get them “unplugged”.


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