Stamp School 9: Branching out with heat embossing!

Hi friends! Wow, I thought I would only do 8 weeks of stamp school but I am having so much fun, I hope you are too! We really did a lot with a few basic supplies and today I want to add another helpful set of supplies to the mix: embossing powders. They are great for resist effects and adding a look of class and professionalism to a project like these bookmarks we will make today:


This video is sponsored by ArtNeko, they have a cool bookmark kit that contains a gorgeous set of bookmark stamps, 10 bookmark sleeves and 10 tassels. I will also list all of the products I used a ‘la carte below. As a stamp school member you get 10% off any order or free shipping on orders over $50 if you mention “the frugal crafter” when ordering. I thank them for their support making this summer Stamp School series free for everyone!

Now, on to the video!

OK, that was a lot of info on embossing, it might bore the long time stampers but beginners need to know this stuff!

For heat embossing you will need:
Embossing powder
Clear embossing ink or pigment ink
Bookmark stamps
Gingko Leaves stamps
Washi Paper
Bookmark plastic sleeves

How to Heat Emboss:
1. Dust paper with embossing pouch (cornstarch, baby powder, or talc)
2. Stamp image with clear embossing ink, pigment ink or glycerin.
3. Sprinkle with embossing powder.
4. Heat with a heat gun.

I hope you liked this addition to stamp school, I think heat embossing gives you a lot of bang for your buck and makes all the stamps you have more versatile. Embossing powder can be found at any large craft store. Thanks to ArtNeko for sponsoring this post and thank you for reading it! Happy crafting!

20 Responses

  1. Great video I enjoy all your bookmark videos, I get lots of different ides:)


  2. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Fantastic bookmarks!
    I do not have plastic bookmark sleeves or a laminator. In your video you mentioned that bookmark sleeves could be made. Have you done a video on how to make bookmark sleeves and if you have, could you tell me where I could find it? Thanks.
    Thanks for sharing your talents.


    • the bookmark sleeves I used are 25 cents each from ArtNeko, you could use a fuse tool and page protectors to make them or laminate with packing tape.


  3. I love the resist technique and use it a lot. Good idea to use the bookmarks as part of the card.


  4. Love heat embossing….it is what got me hooked as a card maker!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  5. Great video as always


  6. Hey Lindsay
    Really loving this series, But then i love all your videos!!. I was wondering if you could test run the color’preps smoothy crayons….Omg i think you will love them, you get 12 in a pack they are by the Maped company. If you could do a vid on these and the diff ways to use them i would be very grateful, and they are very cheap to buy i think i payed 8 pounds for them, not sure what that would be in Dollars, but i think they are very like gelatos. Look forward to seeing a vid on these then maybe?. Kindest regards Julieann from Hertfordshire England. x


  7. I wrote down two pages of tips! Chock full of great info. Thanks, Terry


  8. Lindsey…i LOVE watching your tutitorials and am sharing them with friends each week as we make cards…..your waterless ‘peonies in a jar’ video was great…but those acqua spectrum markers don’t blend well with water, even on watercolor paper…did i buy the wrong brush markers?…Pls advise….it looked so easy on your video, but they seemed to barely blend and the water color paper got all crumbly (didn’t work at all on regular cardstock)…should i have bought alchohol markers instead?…pamela


    • Are you sure you have the Spectrum Aquas (grey barrel) and not the Spectrum Noir (black barrel)? I find them to blend great, the peony project was done on cardstock, I stamped with the markers and scribbled the markers on plastic and picked them up with a wet brush or blending pen (water based blending pen-it has water and glycerin in it) I have also used these on watercolor paper with great results. Maybe your watercolor paper is not well sized? Try Strathmore or Canson, they are inexpensive but well sized and available at big-box stores. When you say “crumble” do you mean the paper pills? If the marker is crumbling you should contact the shop you bought them from, that should not happen.


  9. Awesome video, you are the most fun”dingbat” to watch!Thanks for the inspiration.


  10. I am so cheap when it comes to crafting that I invested in heat embossing supplies but didn’t buy a heat gun. I did try a hair dryer thinking it would work – it doesn’t but an iron does. Just set the backside of your project on a hot iron and it works beautifully. Might even work on your heating tray you were experimenting with last week.


    • I have another comment (I had to share early in the video so I wouldn’t forget). I used to make laminated tags for my soaps way back when. Anyway, contact paper is awesome and fairly easy to work with. I think the last time I did something like that, I got it around this time of year and found a clear book cover contact like paper for $1. So now is the time to look for those deals.


  11. More Stamp School, please! 🙂
    I’m brand-new to stamping and the tips really make my cards look SO much better. Thanks!


  12. Thanks for the video! Getting so many ideas to use up my trove of craft supplies. You are so fun to watch. A real person!! Not afraid to act silly and that’s why I love watching your videos.


  13. Placing those little packs of silica gel dessicants you get free with products (packs that help products NOT dry out while absorbing humidity and moisture) into your embossing powder containers helps eliminate issues with moisture. I save these moisture absorbers whenever I receive them and re-use them.


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