Lorraine’s Wildflower Boquet in Acrylics {Tutorial!}

Hi friends! On Tuesday I had some friends over for a Gelli printing party, we all got together and made good use of my “collection” of Gelli Arts printing plates and had a pot luck lunch. Lorraine brought me these lovely flowers from her garden in a sweet little mason jar and of course I had to paint them!


I used Turner Acryl Gouache from Jerry’s Artarama (the place I bought most of my Gelli plates from because they had the best price) for the first time on this piece. I really enjoyed this paint and the kit I used is on sale for $24.99 if you want to snag it. You can also use regular acrylics but you might need an extra coat here and there because traditional acrylics tend to be more transparent. You can also use traditional Gouache (opaque watercolor) on paper but I would thin down the grey with water and not white for the background so it does not muddy your colors because traditional gouache will lift up when another layer is painted on top. Acrylic gouache dries in permanent layers like acrylics but with a uniform, matte finish. I hope this makes sense! Well, if not it should after you watch the video.


Here are the photos I took of the bouquet, I should have took them in Tuesday but I didn’t until I painted them Thursday, they held up quite nice, thanks Lorraine! Click on the photos to make them larger.

photo_of_flowers3 photo_of_flowers2 photo_of_flowers

Yes, you have my permission to paint these and do what you like with your paintings:) I want to thank Jerry’s Artarama for sponsoring today’s tutorial, you can find the Turner Acryl Gouache and Creative Mark Canvas Panels on their website and while you are there you might want to pick up a couple Gelli Arts printing plates for a gelli print pot luck party, who knows, one of your guests might bring you lovely flowers:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

14 Responses

  1. Gorgeous painting (as always)…. lovely flowers from Lorraine 🙂


  2. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Your painting and Lorraine’s flowers are beautiful.
    Thank you so much for permitting us to use your painting and thank you for sharing your many wonderful talents.
    Best wishes.

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  3. Beautiful painting


  4. I think this is my favorite painting I have seen you do! Just lovely! Thank you for the tutorial, and now I want those paints!


  5. Beautiful flowers real and the painting:)


  6. Hi Lindsay! I have a real quick question (yeah right!). I used to paint with acrylics and the books or instructions I’d read always said to not get paint into the ferrule. I’m paying attention to your brush and the paint is nowhere near the ferrule. How in the world do you keep the paint from creeping up? Thanks so much if you can help. Don’t worry if you’re too busy!! I think my problem was using too much paint? Thanks so much!!


  7. I LOVED this painting. Thanks for introducing me to gouache. I immediately bought the kit and canvas pads yesterday. Can’t wait to try to paint this. Of course you make it look so easy. I am a beginner watercolor and acrylic painter. I have also got into stamping thanks to your videos. I want to learn more about using the die machines. I need a beginner video on which machines are best and basic stuff about using them. Your videos have made a lot of retailers happy as I have bought lots of stamps, watercolor kits, watercolor pencils, creative papers, card stock and do dads to stick on cards. Very relaxing and helps my creativity. And please keep painting watercolor and acrylics, working on my window frame picture in acrylics. Could use a little tutorial on acrylic basic painting too. Maybe you could refer me to some of your past videos. I love that you catalogued them on your blog. Bi love your sweet personality and willingness to help me and others to learn how to paint, stamp, etc.


  8. Your talent is amazing, Lindsay. The “vase” is so real it is touchable.


  9. Lindsay, I would love to have some of your talent and paint like this. These flowers are absolutely beautiful and your painting certainly does them justice. Thanks for sharing.

    Linda D.


  10. WOW!!! Such a beautiful arrangement, and a breathtaking painting…WOW!!!!!


  11. This is just beautiful! I was looking for inspiration for a card as a pick me up for a friend and this would be perfect. I have W&N gouache, so will give this painting a try. I don’t do gouache very often, so it’s good practice, too. Thanks, Lindsay!


  12. Thanks so much for this demo and for sharing your photos with us! Your painting is gorgeous, and it was very informative to see how you did it.

    I was immediately inspired to try my own painting of your flowers in my sketchbook. I used a traditional (inexpensive) gouache set that I had bought at Michaels a long time ago and hardly ever touched. I learned a lot from watching your demo – and though I’m not thrilled with my end result, it is much better than any of my past attempts! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge so generously!


  13. So pretty, the real and the painted flowers!


  14. Wonderful painting. So bright and cheerful.


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