…and then I gave up and cleaned the ‘fridge.

Hi friends! Is there something in the air the last couple of days? Is there some big Muse Convention stealing away my creativity? Full moon maybe? I love making bookmarks, I usually find them fun and carefree to make. Fun and carefree go right out the window when your laminator decides to eat them. The other title of this blog post was going to be “The Laminator Ate My Homework.” Mamma said there’d be days like this…well, not exactly like this but you get the point…


I hope you learned something or at least got a laugh:) If I ever felt the need to apologies for a video, this would be the one.


  • Large Shipping tags
  • Wizard of OZ Stamps by Carmens Veranda and Lost Coast Designs
  • Tree background stamp
  • Stencil (A moldy oldie from Club Scrap)
  • Fibers (that’s just fancy yarn)
  • Hole punch
  • Laminator or contact paper or packing tape is desired
  • paper for backing the tag if you like


In case you were wondering I did call it a day after this video and I went upstairs and cleaned the fridge, then I went to the grocery store and filled the clean fridge. After all I can’t be a slacker housewife and a slacker artist all in the same day:) If you were in a creative funk I hope it has passed! Thankfully mine did, til next time happy crafting!


19 Responses

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this–it’s always great to see that everyone makes mistakes/has bad art days, that it’s not that big a deal, and that you can still come out with something awesome if you stay calm! Thanks for the inspiration as usual. 🙂


  2. Love your videos as always. You said you made your daubers do you have a tutorial on that? Thanks


  3. Lindsay you are amazing. I can relate with you sometimes it is so bad I think I need to go back to bed get up and start the day over. Hope you have a good week end.


  4. I get so sad when I saw the latest watercolor tutorial. I know it’s easier to listen to negative people but please listen to this. You enrich our lives every day, with your amazing videos you teach us techniques, gives us inspiration and love in everything you do! You are the only one I know of that’s so educational. We all subscribers love your videos and how you are as a person! Please do not change yourself, you are perfect as you are! I am a watercolor beginner and my art would suffer without you! With all the love in the world / Veronica Kurtsson, Sweden 💕


  5. I have just got a laminator used it twice I hoe it doesn’t eat my bookmarks!! I have had to do two of everything like drawings trace another copy onto my watercolour paper, just incase!! D’OH!
    the other bad creative day cause everything went wrong! I know what it feels like,It’s annoying but, I guess we all have those sort of days!
    I hope my laminator is going to be alright!
    I like your bookmarks, and the butterfly ones too 🙂


  6. It meant to read ‘hope’! I type too quick, Lindsay! Also forgot to say your coneflower painting is amazing 🙂 Thanks for your comments, I am doing some scrapbooking in the garden and enjoying the sunshine! 🙂


  7. I have been artistically challenged all week audryputnam@yahoo.com


  8. That happens to me a lot and when I get the muse again I produce a lot. Sort of like manic. LOL


  9. Your video came in last night and I am glad I saved it for today as I knew I had a visit with you for the morning. Loved the bookmarks you made, and the back story. Hope your today is better!!!
    I have something personal to share with you and it is not meant to be a “poor me” I hope it doesn’t come out sounding like it is. You decide. I have had asthma for most of my life. I am 60 now. This week I had to go on some heavy duty meds so I could breathe…at all. happens this time of year when we get forest fires and usually once in the winter. Makes it so I can’t even craft!!! I have several projects I need to get done now and a crop I have been looking forward to is in 2 weeks so I am reprioritizing (don’t know how to spell that word). Anyway, when my life gets put on hold like this I do my best to remember that cheezy old song “Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe”. I write it down and put notes in places so I remember things could be worse when I get caught up in the rush of the world again.
    Take time breathe. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need oxygen and cut yourself some slack. You are so very important in my life and have taught me so much. I thank you. Have the very best weekend you can give yourself and keep breathing in and out and making these stellar videos. I like them even when you don’t.

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  10. Hope your day today is better. You always bring a smile to my face. Sometimes no matter what I try to do, it just doesn’t work and I have to walk away for awhile. Then when I finally go back everything seems to gel right away. You are a constant source of inspiration to me. Your watercolor tutorials have taken all my fear away and it’s now my passion.


  11. really like these, very nice


  12. You are too hard on yourself. This is a very good video. You always teach us and remind us that even as professionals as yourself have uncertain days. I enjoyed everything about this video. You are wonderful. TY4S


  13. I’m 70 yrs old, and I’ve been trying to fill up my hours with something artsy. I found you and I’ve been inspired and tickled ever since I started watching you. Thank you for sharing. I like right now adult coloring with markers and inks. It’s easy for me to afford, thanks to your advice using cheaper readily available items (Copic and Distress are totally out of my budget) I’m using Crayola and they work just fine for me – I’m not an artist, just a wannabe. Love you – please don’t stop


  14. You are the best. You make me laugh. Sure hope your day got better.


  15. STOP!!! Lindsey, Please stop being so hard on yourself. I am not the only artist/crafter/whatever out here that thinks you are way too critical on yourself. I love your vids and I don’t miss any if I can help it, but please, please, please, stop putting yourself down all the time. I don’t think you deserve it. I think you are a gold-hearted beautiful person and you should treat yourself better!
    Big HUge Hugs for you Lindsey!!!

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    • thanks, I was having a rough day:)

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      • Oh sweetie, I know you were. I’m sorry if I upset you in any way. I really love everything you do, including these fabulous book markers!!! I just want you to be a bit not so harsh on yourself cuz YOU”RE THE BEST!
        Big Hugs!!

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  16. I think we’ve all had those days. I had one just this week. Sat down at my very clean crafting table (I’m blaming my bad day on the fact I cleaned it) and made 4 greeting cards and only liked one of them. The other three were terrible. I love to experiment with new techniques but when three out of the four didn’t work out I gave up and decided to paint my milk can which has been sitting patiently for months for me to get at it.
    Love your bookmarks. I make them for my family as well – we are all readers including the youngest grandson who is only 5.


  17. I love you share so much knowledge with the community. I love, love your work. Your stamps are awesome


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