Back Home in my Bubble of Solitude

Hi friends! I got back from Boston late last night, The fresh Maine air has never smelled so sweet! Boston is a beautiful city and on a summer weekend everyone in the world seems to agree because they are all there too! We took the girl scouts to see the Boston Museum of Science and Aquarium, they were wonderful, but crowded, really, really crowded. We rode a subway for the first time, the girls got a kick over being able to stand as it moved (imagine the domino effect of 24 first time subway riders LOL!) and we took the Amtrak down which was my first time (I can remember) traveling on a train, it was nice. I dealt with my severe travel/crowd anxiety (I will be unreachable for about a week as I decompress in my bubble of solitude) and we all made it home safe and sound. I am a country mouse. Before I left I made this art journal page:


I needed some art therapy before embarking on this trip. If you want to see how it is made watch the video!


The stencils and stamps are by Patti Tolley Parrish, A wonderful mixed media artist I met during the #lovesummerart collaboration last month. You can find the stencils I used here and her stamps at her ETSY shop. Her designs were unlike any of the stencils I owned, I think they will be a nice addition to my collection. The nice thing about stamps and stencils is that you can’t use them up, some of my stencils are 20 years old and I still pull them out. I am so glad they are more popular than ever, The nice thing about art is that you can’t worry about anything when you are creating, try it, you will see! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. I feel your pain… I was born and raised in NW Vermont on the Champlain Islands and now live in Wyoming… the least populated state in the nation. I too am a Country Mouse and darn proud of it 🙂


  2. You were brave to take that big of a GS trip! But think of the memories those girls will cherish. I need corn or wheat fields around me to feel comfortable too. It’s so good to be one with nature isn’t it?!


  3. I love the journal,I have never journaled unless you count writing poetry. Not sure how to start.


    • jest get a book and start practicing techniques in it, pages will happen. I think the Canson XL mixed media is better than this book I used today and cheaper and will give greater success to a beginner:)


  4. Beautiful and a great way to work out your stress.


  5. H

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  6. Beautiful journal page… Love Patti’s work – so glad you found her. She’s such an inspiration. Glad the Girl Scouts had a great trip and you’re all back safe and sound.


  7. I saw this video but didn’t tell you. I was praying for you I hope everything went well on your trip. Remember have FUN dear 🙂

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  8. Beautiful journal page


  9. Boy howdy! Did you even have time to look? At anything? LOL I understand just what you mean about crowds and peopIe.

    I had been a medical transcriptionist, working from home, for over 10 years. This really damaged my interaction with people. I’d forgotten how to have conversations; pretty much, I lost my people skills. What’s worse, going out to simply buy groceries was extremely difficult. Being cooped up in your house all day, every day is not good, unless you’re a hermit.

    No kidding though, I’d try and pump myself up just to go to Walmart and be so consumed with anxiety I would come up with excuses not to go. I’d ask my husband to pick up the things we had to have. When in a store full of people, I’d become irritable, restless and have a great need to get out!

    Working from home is not what it’s cracked up to be AT ALL! People think they’ll be able to get housework done and so many other things. But, the fact is, you get sick of your home, cooking, cleaning, etc.

    Working outside of the home it’s the best, because while at work or whatever, you are able to get excited to cook a meal, clean house, or work on the yard.

    Anyway, I’m TRYING to say I know what you’re talking about. It’s a horrible feeling!

    Give yourself a big pat on the back, cause you did it, and with all of the girlscouts! LOL!

    Thanks for the tutorial on the art journal it was very helpful and so pretty.

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    • I mostly looked to make sure my kids were not getting lost! I got a chance to look at take a lot of photos at the aquarium which was nice, if we paint a sea turtle later that will be why:) I love working from home but I am involved in the community teaching and socializing so it is enough for me. I get the big store freak out too though, I have to be darn desperate to go to walmart but in my area it is not that busy:)

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  10. Amen, Lindsay! I’m the same with crowds, totally understand. Good for you for knowing what you need (art therapy), and making sure you get it. Thanks again for inspiring me to start a year ago … and I’ve never stopped! (You might remember the cardinal Cmas card lol). Anyway, continue to love what you do and I’ll always be grateful to you for making me believe I could do it. 💛


  11. I love Boston. I’m a country mouse too, but when I had to move there and learn how to read and navigate bus routes, “the T”, and Storrow Drive I became braver. That was when I was younger and could work through the anxiety, but glad I have been back in Tennessee for the last 24 years and can enjoy the more country side of life. Supervising and being responsible for other people’s children is the bravest thing of all. Glad you all made such a wonderful memory in such a wonderful, loving city. Love your techniques with the stencils…very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!


  12. Welcome home–we are so glad you are back!!! Glad you had a good time and survived the trip.


  13. Hi Lindsay,

    I wish I had nothing else to do but watch your videos, cruise this site & follow your tutorials.

    I want to let you know that I shared one of your videos on my blog at Hope it’s okay to put that link.



  14. Lindsey, you and Patti Tolley Parrish are my two FAVORITE crafters. You are both so generous in sharing your knowledge and styles. Thank you, JOLENE


  15. I just got my Big Sketchbook. Love it. Can’t wait to get started .thanks for your inspiration.


  16. Hi Lindsay, thanks for this idea I am doing a D.I.Y College folder with pouches like yours so watch the video and see how you do those again, the dividers are great idea I’ll be getting lots of work to do at college loads of paper work
    so this binder idea is cool, not a monthly planner but similar idea.
    Washi tape is great isn’t it? i got ten rolls and it’s proving to be a good buy 84 p for ten rolls are u kidding me amazon?
    great price I am being frugal 🙂
    which is an added bonus!!
    thanks for your creative genius
    your tutorials are some of the best online that I have seen,
    all the best to you and yours.


  17. Am glad you have a safe trip, and your family had fun. Wonderful video as always:)


  18. by the way not on word press anymore fb is the Site for me being a Beginner at art and craft
    and you tube for your great tutorials, From Grace 🙂


    • I like seeing your word press blog a lot lindsay your so talented 🙂 i couldn’t edit my posts here your Blog here is great sorry for the 2 comments wish they had edit buttons like on fb!
      having another creative day with my watercolour paints


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