Won’t you Join Me on The Coast to Paint?

Hi Friends! Boy, we should totally all go to the coast of Maine someday to paint, dont’cha think? Until that day comes you can paint this coastal Maine inspired scene with me.


I am using a Maine state shaped plaque from Unfinished Wood Co., They have cutouts for every state as well as beautiful monogram shapes in all sorts of cool themes including nautical (my fave!) They are even offering an awesome discount for all of my viewers, you can get 40% off your ENTIRE order with the coupon code thefrugalcrafter but hurry, the deal is only good for one week so order before 8/7/15 if you want to snag that deal, and it is a deal because at full price their wood is reasonable. Unfinished Wood Co. ships to USA and Canada. Now on to the tutorial!


Maine wooden cutout: Unfinished wood Co
Acrylic Paint (M Graham and Liquatex artist acrylics) in colors:

  • Ultramarine blue
  • Yellow Ocher
  • Sap Green
  • Titanium white
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Aliz. crimson

White gesso
Acrylic paint brushes & Palette knifes (use a cut up credit card if you don’t have palette knives)
Varnish (Minwax Polycrylic-gloss)

Tips-Prepping and finishing:

If you have never painted on wood before you will want to know this, make sure you seal the wood either with gesso or a waterbased wood sealer, it will make the paint blend and flow so much nicer, otherwise the acrylic will absorb into the wood, dry too quickly and you will need more paint. Also follow up with a varnish to unify the sheen and make it easy to clean as well as protect the surface of the paint. You can use water or oil based varnish but oil based tends to yellow. I like Minwax Polycrylic but Delta also make an affordable varnish. I hope you try out this painting, it was really fun to paint.

Thanks to Unfinished Wood Co. for sponsoring today’s project, if you check them out be sure to use the coupon code thefrugalcrafter to get 40% off your entire order until August 7th, oh and let me know what you got, there are so many cool designs that I am curious to know what your favorites are, I can’t wait to paint my monogrammed anchor! It’s a project for the “She Shed” my backyard bungalow that I have been puttering away at, of course by the time I get it done they’ll be snow on the ground LOL! So many projects, so little time! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


20 Responses

  1. So cleverly done, Lindsay, and a perfect way to capture a “piece” of your summer. This reminds me of those oversize floor puzzle pieces. What a great use of the pieces once the children are too old for the puzzles.


  2. Thank you for the lighthouse and the link to the shapes of states. What great formats for gifts. Love the colors and the feel of the sea, Lindsay.


  3. Another great painting. I love the way you did the rocks.


  4. Love it Lindsay, thank you, you make it look so easy.


  5. What a great idea! Have you thought about inviting people to a plein air class or some other class where we could bring all our watercolor or acrylics and supplies and you could teach a casual day long class somewhere there in Maine? We live in Vermont and would love a class with you.


  6. You’re getting a she shed? Now I am jealous!
    Lovely painting, and love the state shaped wood.


  7. this was amazing tutorial your such a genius Lindsay, the way you explain and encourage viewers to pick up a brush and try ourselves is great too
    I am painting again today
    Before I Babysit later
    do you recommend reeves acryllic brand?
    I know they have them in my local art shop 🙂
    at reasonable prices too. (bonus) LOL
    I like the choppy sea you did, & the plant details are lovely i like the lighthouse in the distance great idea.

    WordPress.com / Gravatar.com credentials can be used.


    • I have not tried reeves acrylic but the oils and watercolor are nice, they are student grade and the tubes are small so you might need to replace some colors with larger tubes soon.


  8. Love


  9. Lindsay, beautiful painting! I would love to come to a coastal class. If you do it please announce it with plenty of lead time so I can make arrangements to get off work. How fun!


  10. Love this! And thank you for promoting a local USA company! I just ordered $200 worth of wood products from them and the discount was terrific!


  11. I’ve discovered your site a few days ago and I love it ! I really appreciate the way you explain everything for beginners ! Thank you for all your tutorials. Best regards from Paris, France.


  12. Lindsay, My daughter and her family are travelling out east next week. They were wondering what you would suggest to see in Maine. Kids are 9 and 12 so geared to their ages. Thanks.


    • Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor would be my pic. There is also old orchard beach in southern Maine with a nice peir-boardwalk and sand. Our downeast beaches are otherwise no to sandy:)


  13. Love this! Thanks for a great tutorial.


  14. Lindsay, love you and your channel. I have been watching your videos and reading your blog for along time.. thank you so much for all the crafty info and projects you share with your faithful viewers!


  15. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Beautiful painting!
    Thank you!
    Best wishes.


  16. Hello Lindsay, thanks for your comment about reeves make of paints 🙂
    your maine painting is amazing
    Have a nice day


  17. Your artwork is gorgeous!!!


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