Brush Up on Your Brushes!

Hi friends! I have been asked a lot lately about brushes and what different ones were used for and also what brushes were best for what medium so I decided to make a video about that. Find out what brush is best for what paint and how to make your brushes last longer!


I hope you found that helpful! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

15 thoughts on “Brush Up on Your Brushes!

  1. I am a vegetarian too, have been since birth, my whole family including my kids are meat eaters. I agree with you, I think buying a brush that lasts is the key. I hear it all the time because I wear leather shoes… as if I am killing the animal for it… my response is simple. Meat eaters are going to eat meat… I am using up their scraps. I think for products like the hog brush or leather, the meat is eaten and the whole animal should be used and not wasted. vs the animals who are just killed for their fur and then discarded.


  2. Just the help I need thanks so much Lindsay! another amazing tutorial
    I also getting the beginner’s set in a box of watercolours by derwent for my Birthday! it’s on My ‘Wish List!’ August is my B’day! so it’s coming up soon!
    You explain it all clearly which is always a plus πŸ™‚
    have a nice day


  3. Hey Lindsay,
    I have a hard time keeping my acrylic brushes clean and I seem to replace them much too often. Another artist suggested soaking them for 5-10 minutes in Germ-X and it will give them new life, making them last longer. What do you think about this? Thanks for sharing your info. I love visiting with you every morning over my cup of coffee. Hugs! Lori from Wisconsin


    1. germ x is alcohol based which breaks up acrylic pait BUT your best best is to wash them before the paint gets a chance to solidify;) Alcohol is also very drying to brushes so keep it as a last resort.


  4. Hi Lindsay πŸ™‚
    Thank you for doing the brushes video, it has helped me decide what brush(es) to buy.
    You look lovely in that outfit. Did you make your necklace? It is gorgeous!
    Thank you for everything that you share with us.
    Best wishes.


    1. P.S. Hi Lindsay,
      Behind you is a beautiful painted lighthouse and seascape scene, which appears to have been painted on something. Will you be doing a video on that painting?


  5. Lindsay I love the painting and your necklace. Did you make the necklace? I am going to have to get up the nerve to try to water color paint. My son won best of show with his water color painting when he was in high school and he want paint now said he had to do it in school. What a waste of talent. Have a good rest of the week.


  6. Thanks for an excellent tutorial. I wanted to let you and your followers know that Jerry’s Artarama is having a sale on the Princeton Neptune watercolor brush line AND if you buy $25 worth, shipping is free. Not sure how long it will last but I sure bought a bunch of great brushes thanks to you!!!


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