Let’s Paint Lupines!

Hi friends! Wow, it’s Friday! I had such a busy week! I taught 3 art classes at my local library in collaboration with my town’s Olde Home Week (you know it’s fancy when you add an “e”!) Both watercolor classes were packed which was so nice, I hope my students return next month when OHW is done. This was my first idea for class but I was not happy with it…


So I reduced the size and went with a simpler plan for a class of beginners and it was good I did because every one finished in the nick of time, right before the librarian was about to kick us out ha ha!


Do you want to try it? Here is the card tutorial.

Go ahead and flip the orientation and make it bigger if you like. I posted the larger photo in case you wanted to give that a whirl. The larger one has more of a focus on a couple flowers in the front but it is pretty much the same thing. I had the children’s watercolor class make the bigger version with focus on the flowers and they did fantastic! All my students did, I really hope the join me again next month. Thanks for painting with me today and til next time happy crafting!

22 thoughts on “Let’s Paint Lupines!

  1. Loved this one! So summery. I had an ‘Ask a Crafter’ type of question. I had a whole bunch of those redish heavy cardstock expandable files that I want to cut up and use the flat flaps adhered into rectangles as dividers in my cubes of cardstock and paper. I have trimmed them down and happened to think that they are probably not acid free, and if I were to use them directly against my acid free scrapbooking supplies the acid in them might be able to migrate into my papers. What would you suggest to use to seal the acid inside them? I thought about clear packing tape, but not sure that is much better acid-wise. Also thought of adhering Contact clear plastic onto them then covering with other scrapbook papers that are cheap and/or patterns that I don’t care for. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


  2. Love this one, too! We have lots if lupine pods we were going to plant this spring but I guess maybe this fall…


  3. I love the large painting! I like the cards too but the large painting is my No. 1.
    I hope you will be showing us more in the days to come …..


  4. Amazing Card! Lindsay! your so talented!
    your tutorials are great you should be on television! 🙂
    Lindsay, if I win the lottery (wishful thinking here) 😀
    I’ll book a holiday to maine and get to one of your watercolour classes!

    Always liked the look of maine cause of my favourite tv show with angela lansbury msw 🙂 cabot cove!
    (well that was universal back lot but hey! they did it well taking pics from maine by helicopter)

    Lindsay,looking forward to that colour wheel mixing video really hope you do that cause i a a bit clueless with that LOL
    going to the cheshire flower show later such amazing showstpping flowers like lilly will take pics! but i am not use to 2 kids on my own this will be fun but a challenge also according to nick my brother ”good practice for your Job” Gee thanks! 😉

    have a great weekend
    Best Wishes! to you and your family! 🙂


    1. Wow, I cant believe you can even remark anything negative about somebody sharing their great talent. If you dont like it you dont have to comment or watch…really??


  5. Hi Lindsay!! Thank you for all your tutorials!! I’m a very recent viewer of your YT channel, and I have had great fun going through your videos. I am trying to learn to work wjth watercolor media, with limited success in the past, but your videos have been awesome for learning and practicing techniques. You do make it look easy!! But I also found it’s not quite as hard to do as I have been making it for myself 🙂


  6. The night after I watched your video I was having trouble sleeping so I got up at 4am and painted this picture. I was pretty happy with it until the next day when I saw the tutorial on your YouTube page again and realized my lupines look like smaller trees next to my birch tree. LOL I don’t know how tall they can get but mine are huge! The great thing was Hubz walked into the room to see what I was doing and he recognized them as lupines immediately. But, he agreed they were really big ones. Nice thing about w/c–I can always do them again. 🙂


  7. Tried to go to paint photo.com and it took me somewhere else. Is that the correct name? Thanks. Love your watercolors.


  8. I painted the birch with Lupines, it turned out great. I was so happy with the color wheel tutorial, I learned a couple more things from it thank you!


  9. Lindsay,

    I am enjoying all your tutorials very, very much! I haven’t painted in over twenty years and your teaching technique is wonderful. Very detailed and low stress. I managed to do a pretty good job with the birch tree in this picture since it had so few limbs. Could you do a tutorial on painting/drawing realistic branches? Mine never look natural. Thanks! Lisa


  10. WOW!!! Beautiful!! After watching this video, I got my watercolor paper and tubes 🎨 out and made my own while watching and listening to the video. Love the way it turned out. Thank you, so wish I was in Maine to go to your class


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