Avast! Arrrrre You Ready for Some Summer Arrrrt?

Hi friends! Today I am going to show you have to make this mixed media parrot painting. I thought he looked like he belonged with a pirate!


This is part of the YouTube wide collaboration #lovesummerart. You can search the hashtag and find lots of wonderful summery tutorials. New videos are being uploaded through tomorrow! Watch my video to learn how to make this mixed media parrot:



  • 140# Cold Pressed watercolor paper
  • Caran D’ache Neo 2 watercolor crayons
  • Bombay India ink
  • Stamps
  • Versafine black ink
  • small paintbrushes

Follow along with the video to create this colorful bird! If you wanted to see how it looked before I added ink here is a pic:


I think the ink and stamping improved the piece. What do you think, should I have left it alone? Let me know in the comments and please feel free to share this project on any of your social media, there are even handy sharing button at the bottom of this post. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



15 Responses

  1. I like both of them. But I think the ink and stamping made it stand out more, and brightened it up.


  2. Hi Lindsay haven’t had time to comment in sooooo long, but still catch your blog whenever I can and am trying so hard to get caught up on all of your you tube vids. Maybe you can help me though have you done a clematis in watercolor and I just haven’t found it in any of your tuts. Let me know. Vickie H.


    • Hi Vickie, I’m going to try to get that done today for you. I was requested a few times actually so I know it will be a good one to do. Check my YouTube this evening and it should be up:)


  3. Both paintings are good. It depends on the person. Some will like the one with the ink. And others will like the one without the ink.


  4. I loved watching your video so much that I drew my own parrot:) Though I used prismacolor colored pencils, but in different colors. My mom loved it so she named the drawing Todd, because she always wanted a parrot:D


  5. I love the parrot both ways. I think you are a genius! It really is a lot of fun to keep at a project when you think it’s gone bad…and then at a certain point you realize it is turning into a fantastic piece! Beautiful work!


  6. Hello Lindsay, Good Morning!
    like all the great colours,awesome painting, the crayons add real texture to the feathers!
    I have done this painting,with aqua markers and, a kids paint set super bright colours, parrots are beautiful aren’t they?!
    Loving the idea of ‘Love Sumer Art Too’
    Share with you my painting on fb this week your painting is beautiful Lindsay!


  7. ASK A CRAFTER. Sorry Lindsey, other page too slow to load because of 734 comments. My question is on selling cards. I love to make cards, but it seems like everything is geared to A2 size, and I don’t like reinventing the wheel. I personally don’t like receiving an A2, but do people buy them? I prefer an A6 or A7 card, it is a much grander experience to receive, but alot of rubber stamps and dies look so much better on an A2. Selling wise, and perception wise, what do you think? Terry:)


  8. Your bird is perfection, Lindsay. The colors are vibrant and so true to life. I love the pirate theme. Thanks for the chuckle.


  9. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    I think both of your paintings are great!
    Have you ever painted a morning glory in watercolours? If not, I would very much appreciate if you could paint one some time. Thanks!
    Best wishes and enjoy the summer.


  10. Very neat, I like how you used many different supplies to make this. The watercolor crayons look fun!


  11. I think the ink really adds pizzaz. I like it better, but both are great.


  12. hey lindsay… awesome stuff… thanks for sharing your “art out.. LOL:)


  13. love this bird and he is beautiful. One I will have to try.. You make it look so easy.


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