Let’s Paint Cherries in Oils!

Hi friends! Today I will show you how to paint this:


I am using Geneva Oil Colors for the first time. They are rich and creamy and loaded with color. Best of all their line of colors is only 6 colors and really you only need 5 (you know how I feel about black.) I often would get in trouble painting with oils because some paints were stiffer and I would end up with too much paint on my brush or canvas and I would have to keep removing paint and wasting time. Watch the tutorial to see how I uses a small amout of paint to sculpt and blend this scene. Afterwards I hope you try it too!

8″x10″ canvas
A variety of bristle and nylon brushes
Geneva oil colors: Burnt Umber, Cadmium Yellow, French Ultramarine, Titanium White, Rosso Corsa
Palette for putting paint on
Reference Photo by Lee Pierce at Paint My Photo

Tip! Use a plate or template to trace a perfect circle for the plate!


I can’t wait to use these paints again. I feel like I need to do less reworking because I don’t have to deal with inconsistent viscosity between colors and since they all dry at the same rate I can create a painting over a couple of days rather than all at once. If you are looking to invest in superb oil paints give Geneva a try! I will tell you I think it is a better deal to get the colors individually rather than the set and to skip the black (get an extra white instead) unless you really like to use a lot of black. To clean my brushes I wiped them off on a paper towel and washed them in soap and water, you can avoid solvents completely this way but honestly, next time I’d swish them in my thinner jar before washing to save my self a few minutes LOL! Just make sure to let them dry out before using them again. If you will be working on the painting the next day you can just load them with paint and leave them (for up to a week actually) and they will be fine. If you enjoyed this tutorial please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Sharing is caring! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Sponsored by Geneva.

12 Responses

  1. WOW!!! I so wish I can get the shading correct. I’m having such a hard time with shading. Do you have any suggestions? Beautiful piece 🙂


  2. Lindsay you sure can make cherries look gorgeous. Love to watch you paint. Have a good week end.


  3. Beautiful artwork it looks so real fine job!!


  4. This is beautiful! I always wanted to try oil painting as I am an acrylic artist. Do you recommend The Genevas for a beginner? Thanks for sharing!


    • they would be great for a beginner if you can afford them, they are pricey so I would be sure you are going to give it a fair shot and a do a few paintings with them if you invest.


  5. It is a great tutorial. The outcome is beautiful. I have to mention that I loved your hairstyle too. Very retro and cute.


  6. Lindsay, I have been watching your videos for a few months, and I just wanted to tell you how helpful and inspiring you have been to me! I started paper crafting last fall while in the process of giving up a weekly web comic I had been doing for 6 years. Paper crafting felt more natural, and I no longer dreaded the drawing portion of my week. I have been watching lots of YouTube videos to teach myself paper crafting techniques, and of all the great videos out there, yours are, in my opinion, the best. Your videos are calm and nurturing for beginners–reassuring and also giving troubleshooting tips for likely questions and problems. You explain complex concepts in a simple and straightforward manner that relieves the overwhelming feeling I often have when picking up any sort of stylus. As someone with an art history master’s degree, I have understood more about shadows from several months of your videos than from my whole academic career. Most importantly, I have finally gained the self confidence to pick up a brush and start water coloring again which I had not had the courage to do since high school. Maybe someday soon I’ll even stop dreading drawing…Please do keep it up and thanks so much! –Lael


    • Thank you so much Lael:) I am so glad you are continuing to be creative in an outlet you enjoy:)


  7. Wow! These are beautiful! I love cherries. My husband picked cherries in Michigan when he was a teenager. He is the cherry king. If NOBODY else finds a pit in the pie, he does! 🙂


  8. Love your tutorials….especially the different range of types of painting. You make it fun plus easy to understand by doing step by step! Thank u for sharing your knowledge with the world! It is such a gracious gift to fellow artists! By the way, your cherries look good enough to eat!😊😊


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