Travel Art! What I brought & What I Made!

Hi friends! It’s a two-fer tonight as I share what I packed, art supply wise, and what I made on vacation. I re-purposed a broken Case-It zippered binder (and I have to give props to Case-IT, they offer a full school-year-long warranty on their binders and when my son broke one of the rings on his last spring they replaced it no questions asked!) into a great travel art kit. Have a look!


And now that I am back home I wanted to share what I made AND tell you about a super fun YouTube wide craft collaboration going on July 17th-20th called #ovesummerart All kinds of artists and crafter and going to create summer themed project tutorials and upload them during those 3 days and if you type #lovesummerart in the search box on YouTube you will see them all! I can’t wait because some of my favorite creators will be joining in and I am sure to find some new faves too. The rising tide lifts all boats, am I right?

Another Video!!!

This collaboration is open to ALL YouTubers big and small so if you make video and want to get involved head over to TheArtSherpa’s channel and learn more. This is going to be fun!


I’ll have another Stamp School Lesson for you tomorrow sharing some of my top tips and favorite stamping techniques so I hope you stop back for that. Til then, happy crafting!


7 Responses

  1. I think you and your videos are awesome. I share you with all of my crafty friends! Terry:)


  2. DEAR LINDSAY: you and your art are highly inspiring, thanks for everything and please keep on with this wonderful job!!!


  3. Truly love your videos! So cheering and uplifting in a world that is somewhat dismal at times. Keep your chin up and rock on!


  4. You are so talented and I also Love your videos they are awesome Lindsay friends and family say ”your Art has improved and it’s got better at contrasts and shadows too” they hear Me talk about those things when they see my art 🙂
    your feedback is very kind of you truely appreciate it, Lindsay U are amazing at art and craft.
    making your braclets again they very popular my friends
    u are doing a job you Love which is so important and great


  5. What a great idea! I have one those binders that I will use the next time I head out to and want to take my art supplies.


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