Yeah man, I’m Gellin’…

Hi friends! Do you remember those old Dr Scholls ads for the gel insoles, that came into my mind as I created a batch of gelatin prints because the process is so fun, carefree and relaxing. I used my new circle Gelli Arts(R) printing plates to make these 13 prints:


Watch the video to see the process, it is easy. Just pick a few colors, grab a few stencils and tools and have a ball. If you like my stencils and you have a die cut machine that take SVG files you can purchase my Stencil Bonanza kit to make your own. I just let the paint build up on them and they get more durable with every use. I got the idea for making texture tools from UK Maryanne, she has awesome ideas for the gelli plate so check her out!


I will be using the prints in a project later this week. If you have ever done gelatin printing before you know how quick the prints pile up so I wanted to use them up! Oh and if you have no desire to make print but you like the papers I have a set digital papers featuring some of my favorite prints and you can print as many as you like! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Gelatin Print Art Papers
You can print these at home! Click to visit my shop at MyGrafico to purchase.
Stencil Bonanza! SVG
Cut these stencils with your electronic die cutting machine (SVG format) Available in my shop at MyGrafico!

13 thoughts on “Yeah man, I’m Gellin’…

  1. Love your stencil that mimics the flooring from The Shining! Do you have an SVG (or better yet, a cut stencil) you could put in your shop?


  2. A gellie plate is on my wish list….I can’t wait to make my own pattern paper. They all look great, especially all the pretty colors. I’m already make sprays. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. I love geli prints. I print a lot on deli paper and use it for collage. Loved your prints. Where do you get the coupons that you talk of for Blicks and some of the others? Would love to know.


    1. I usually find them at retailmenot it is a coupon site and you don’t have to sign up to see the coupon codes


  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your running commentary! 🙂 I vote you do more prints…very inspiring! Would love to see how you incorporate it into cardmaking.


  5. I love your videos and am so glad you got a Gelli plate, Thanks you sharing and your voice is so happy sounding it cheers me up,


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