Thin Die & Stamp Storage! Cheap and Cheaper!

Hi friends! After the stamp show and a gifted box of thin dies (Thank you Sherlock Hoka!) I had 2 baskets of dies on my shelf. I needed to consolidate and come up with a simple system that would let me access my dies quickly and also store the few sets of stamp/die combos. Here is my solution:

I used up all 50 of the Avery Elle die storage pockets I bought and I wish I had more. I searched on Amazon for a bulk package of pockets like this and found CD pockets. A reviewer posted that they were the same as the Avery Elle ones so I cheerfully paid $18 for a box of 500. I am now having Déjà vu, Deli paper anyone? Well as I promised in the first video I would show you how they compare:

Honestly, I think I would have been better off spending the $18 on 2-3 packs of 25 of the Avery Elle pockets because it is unlikely that I will have 500 dies to store…then again I do like a challenge! But on the other hand it is 75 vs 500 pockets. Well, at least you can make an informed decision if the larger size and sturdier side seams make the Avery Elle pockets the best bet of if you would do better with the smaller cheaper pockets. They seem to both be made of the same plastic material and thickness. I hope you found this helpful and as always happy crafting!


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  1. Good comparison. Sometimes its true and you get what you pay for! I need some organization tips too so I really appreciate this. Not sure if I can get those in Canada or not but worth looking in to.


  2. Hi, this was very helpful to me as I am just starting to build up my supplies. I have found that I need all the frugal advise I can get and you site is always helpful and inspiring for me. Thank you.


  3. The size and strength definitely would make a difference to me. Thanks for sharing your findings. Edna


  4. In this case frugality is not how I am deciding! I like the bigger size and that the SSS/Avery Elle pockets don’t rip and are bigger.’
    It is well worth the money to have peace of mind knowing that I can take them out and put them back in over and over without worrying about rippage! I have been using the SSS/Avery Elle pockets for almost a year now and have yet to rip any of them. That says a lot to me about the quality of the product.TFS!


  5. Thanks Lindsay!!!! I just purchased the Avery Elle and am quite pleased with the quality and sturdiness. I am removing stamps from wood and need a method to store the rubber (have 100 pizza boxes full so quite the undertaking – as these are stored in the garage I need a closed box so the shoe box method will not work for me. My problem is that these Avery Elle do not close unless I use a piece of scotch tape. Any suggestions in my situation would be appreciated.
    Paper Hugs,


  6. Hi Lindsy, Thank you for this information. I have been thinking about the Avery Elle but I really like the zip bags. have been getting zip lock plastic bags on ebay to store my stamps and dies. There is a big variety of sizes and a lot of them are free shipping. I do not have to close them if I choose not too and they are soo much easier to get in and out of. I am also storing then in boxes similar to the way you have yours but I also like to keep the origianl packaging and information with the items.I like to be able to just flip through them. I am also storing them mostly by manufacturer. I also have note books that I store images of all my stamps, dies and embossing folders in, by manufacturer and in alfa order. This way I can see what I have and also helps me not to buy the same thing over and over, which I have been known to do. HA!HA!


    • Do you think you might share a video or at least still shots of your organizing system? It sounds like what I am looking for.


  7. As usual a great tutorial crafty goodness!
    Grace from facebook,


  8. Waiting to hear about the bags from Amazon. I hope you will post a link to these once you receive them. I like the idea of 500 as I find this size bag very useful.
    I have been using the Avery bags for my stamps and die and the shoe box too. Now, I need to get some duck tape to jazz them up. Thank you for all the great videos.


  9. I keep all my cling stamps on Stamp ‘n Up CD type containers and it works great for me. I think the Avery Elle would be great for the large background stamps. I was wondering what to do with them since I didn’t want to take a up whole case for one stamp. This solution is perfect.
    Thanks much.


  10. Who is the Impression Obsession demo lady you mentioned? I especially love IO dies and many of their stamps, too, so would love to know about their demos.

    Thanks so much for this comparison!! My thin die storage is not too bad at the moment, but I really do need to condense it down a bit so have been wishing there was a frugal but good alternative to the Avery Elle pockets. Right now I still have all of my dies in their original packaging. It is SO HARD for me to give up the original packaging!! LOL!! The IO, Memory Box, Penny Black, MFT, etc. all come in very flat packs so they are not a problem. The Spellbinders old packaging is a huge pain, but I still have not given them up. I’d love to have magnetic sheets to hold all of them, but that has just been way too expensive for my budget. I can’t bear to pay big prices for storage when I’d rather buy dies and stamps with the little money I do have.

    Guess I’ll keep searching for something. I may check out the zip bags that one of your commenters mentioned.


  11. Great video like always. When I finally get dies I will organize them like that. Thanks Lindsay. Hope you are enjoying your vacation 🙂


  12. Hi Lindsay,

    I know my comment/question was a little late, so I thought I’d try contacting you this way.

    I’m just so curious about the “Impression Obsession demo lady” that you mentioned in your video. I’ve never heard of her. I love IO dies (own a ton of them) and stamps and would love to know who she is and/or how to find her demos.

    Thanks in advance!!!! CC


    • Her name is Melinda, maybe they have some of her videos demoed on the Impression Obsession website. She let me film one of her demos a couple of years ago, here it is:


      • Thanks so much, Lindsay!! I’ve never seen this lady before. She’s not on the IO design team. I do their blog hops all the time and while I can’t say that I’ve looked around on their website, I have shopped there quite a few times so if they have any demos there, I’ve missed them. I’ll have to check their site again to see if they have any. Maybe she just travels to stamp shows and demos their products for them. We don’t have any good stamp shows here locally and I never get to go to any that are bigger and better elsewhere. Thanks again!!!


  13. What if you used your wood burner on some of the extra cheaper pockets and cut some designs to make stencils? Especially on the pockets that ripped open on the seams? That way you get a little more use out of them. Or are they too thin for that? Would the layers of acrylic paint make them stronger like your paper stencils?? I don’t know. It’s just a thought I had.

    Happy crafting 🙂


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