3 Patriotic Crafts for kids!

Hi friends! I hope you are having a great 4th of July! Here are a few crafts my daughters came up with to help celebrate the 4th of July! If you enjoy these crafts you can check out their new YouTube channel called CraftyTwins with craft projects for kids designed by kids. They are doing everything from developing the projects to shooting/editing the videos. I wonder how long before I can hire them to edit my videos…. 🙂

First up is Lila with a festive 4th of July Hat, feel free to change-up the colors for whatever you need!

And Maizy’s rainbow-colored 4th of July card with lots of cool crafting tips!

And grab the glue gun for Lila’s 4th of July Flag! Warning, there is a lot of hot glue in this one so kids, get your parent’s help with this one (don’t burn your hands off!)

I am so glad my girls love to craft, it is a wonderful hobby that’s not only fun, but builds self-esteem and develops both sides of the brain. If you are afraid of your kids using up all of your supplies collect a box of items you don’t mind them using up and put it in an accessible spot for them. I hope you have a fun and safe 4th of July and as always happy crafting!


11 Responses

  1. Those videos are so cute. I watched the videos first got out the supplies needed and my grand children followed along with your girls. As soon as I get a camera I will post the pictures. God bless your beautiful gifted family…had so much FUN 🙂


  2. Love the videos. Great job young ladies !!!


  3. I just cannot imagine how you will get THREE videotaping crafters in one craft area!! Might need a second (or third!) calendar just to make sure YOU have time to do your tutorials too! Seriously, might you need to ask your hubby to downsize his area?!?! What a blast you guys must have. Reminds me of a neighbor I used to have when I was in High School. She had pre-schoolers, but used to let us teenagers do all kinds of crafty stuff in her basement. All we had to do was leave it clean! One project involved soda bottles, plaster of paris, and balloons! Still remember that day 50 years later! Good job, girls!


  4. Watch out Lindsay the CraftyTwins are good. I can see they have learnt from the best. You must be so proud. Happy 4th of July from the UK. I am watching the England Womens “soccer” team play Germany. The Men never do well against them so finger’s crossed. They play for 3rd place in the world cup. Melanie x


  5. Hi Lindsay, Maizy and Lila 🙂
    Maizy and Lila, your above videos were awesome and so enjoyable. You are so talented and your mother and dad must be so proud of the both of you. Keep up the excellent crafting and I look forward to your seeing your future crafts and videos.
    Lindsay, you and your husband are so blessed to have wonderful children.
    Best wishes.


  6. Love those videos from your crafty twins. I think my granddaughter is about the same age. As I was watching, I could just hear her (DD) saying the same things! I love crafting with her, and I’m sure you are so proud of your girls taking after their mom!


  7. Kudos to the kids!!!! Great videos – and sooooo professional! Yes, you will soon be able to sit back and relax and have them do some of the work for you – LOL! Congrats girls!!!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  8. How sweet ….love when children do other things besides playing on iPhones and such…..guess the apples didn’t fall to far from the tree…


  9. I think it’s great Lindsay that your children are interested in crafts. My Grandkids did crafting with me when they were younger.


  10. GREAT JOB girls. You have come up with some pretty fun projects and you are very good at teaching them too. Keep up the good work and creativity. You are so lucky to have so many fantastic supplies to work with too. Have a wonderful summer.


  11. Very good girls, watch out mom. Your girls are a lot like you. I truly enjoyed there videos. Will look forward to more. They are so sweet.


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