It’s Useful & Cheap! DIY Desk Blotter for Stamping & Crafts!

Hi friends! Tonight I have a quick, easy, cheap and useful DIY for you. We are going to make a desk blotter that is the perfect surface to stamp and craft on and if you make a mess simply pull out the top sheet and keep on creating! I am using 12″x18″ black construction paper and white drawing paper in mine because the black is great to shoot video against and the white is neat if I am using spray mists because I can use my paper as backing paper or gift wrap later but you can use whatever size and type of paper you like. If you have old 12″x12″ scrapbook paper you want to use up you can make it 12″x12″ and use the back sides of the paper, same if you have old 8.5″x11″ office paper. Make it whatever size you like and use up that old paper you don’t know what to do with. I recommend having a stack of paper about 1/2″-1″ thick to have a nice amount of give for stamping. Watch the video to see how to make it!



  • Scrap paper
  • Cardboard cut to the same size as your scrap paper
  • Duct tape

If you do not have any scrap paper to use up you can simply tear the cover off an old phone book and use that as a stamping/crafting/gluing surface too, or grab a pad of newsprint at the dollar store and just tear off the top sheet when it gets too dirty. The thing I like about using the backs of scrapbook paper or office paper is that it is likely acid free and sometimes you end up with pretty waste papers after projects and if they are good quality they can spawn more art but really, use what you have. I will have episode #2 of stamp school tomorrow and this is the perfect stamping surface so I hope you give it a try, it only takes a few minutes to make and it is really useful. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

11 thoughts on “It’s Useful & Cheap! DIY Desk Blotter for Stamping & Crafts!

  1. Lindsey.. I LOVE you to watch you paint.. I LOVE to listen to your fun comments.. Anyone can learn to sing.. Or cook.. But to paint.. THAT is a GIFT.. Thank you for sharing your talents with us “wanna bees”…you make it look so easy.. But it isn’t!!!.. You make me smile…I love beauty and colors…your flowers are magnificent!.. Could watch you all day long, but maybe in the next life there will be more time… Hugs.. Pamela


  2. sweet lindsay… 🙂 i love your ideas… and u do have a gr8 eye for color:) hey you know sometime i would like to “find”you over there.. i am right beside your state that u live in and we cross all the time to fill up and buy goods as they are cheaper and more varieties over here… my health issues sorta landed me in a care home for now; ( 🙂
    … but i would love to hear, if you feel safe 2 tell me, not online or here of course, which area you live in and how far you are from me! i watch your videos almost all of them:) so take care and maybe we c u someday? sweet! 3cheers till next time:) sincerely


    1. Maybe we can meet up at one of the craft store in Bangor and grab a coffee the next time you are in town!


  3. I think that is a good idea. the lady that works for us, well she also works in a printing shop she brings me lots of paper. While I am writing to you, I watched your video, about embossing on a round stamp,it looks crackle, you painted a iris on it, do you sell the stamp?


    1. Lucky duck! Free paper, nice! The stamp is by DRS designs and she has 4 different ones I think, I just got the large square and circle as I think they are most useful and her rices are a bit high BUT high quality and very useful:)


  4. I love watching your videos and you always have wonderful ideas. You are very talented and I would love to have the painting talent. I have tried it, but maybe I don’t have the patience to learn it. Anyway thanks for sharing all your projects.

    Linda D.


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