Oh, the Consumption…I feel faint…

My name is Lindsay and it’s been 28 hours since my last craft purchase. Hi friends! Do you ever feel like you are consuming more than creating? I feel like I have been very productive crafting but I have also been a productive shopper. I seem to go in spurts with shopping, I can go months with only buying necessary items for my business (framing supplies, packaging material) and then occasionally I fall off the wagon! June had been a big craft shopping smorgasbord with the Heirloom Stamp Show and tonight I will share some things I ordered on a great sale (to be fair I had a  gift card for all but $10 at Jerry’s Artarama.) Oh and yesterday, I needed new sneakers and while I was out I stopped into Joann and ACmoore and some 97 cent a roll duct tape and other deals leaped into my basket, phew, it feels good to get that off my chest. I feel conflicted when I post a haul, on one hand I am excited and I like sharing the deals in case anyone is also looking for the items I found and I am interested in hearing what you would like me to demo first BUT I don’t want anyone to feel let down if they do not have access to what I have. I sometimes feel like “How can I call myself frugal when I have so much?” Although I hope that my videos can help others save money I’d rather spend my money to test out stuff and see if it is worth it (and share it in videos) so others can make informed decisions with their money. But on the other hand it might be enabling people to buy stuff. Hmmmm, what to do. Post a warning maybe? This is a haul video and may cause the overpowering urge to buy craft supplies?

Watch at your own risk.


I am actually really excited to try the creative palette vs the Gelli plate as the creative palette is generally cheaper and thinner to store. I hope to give it a try before my vacation, I am shooting double videos every day to make sure I will have videos for you when I go offline for a week. Let me know if there is any product you are excited about me trying, i have a very crafty week ahead of me! Oh and the other spree I mentioned earlier will be posted sometime when I am on vacation, I guess there are worse kinds of sprees to go on…nobody’s perfect. Thanks for stopping by and being my support group tonight and til next time happy crafting!


30 Responses

  1. Nice haul! You always find the best deals. June must be “go wild buying crafting supplies” because I fell into that mode too. I’ve cut myself off for awhile because I picked up a few things at Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s when we went to Michigan for our veggie food we can’t buy in Canada; bought quite a few things from Stampin’ Up and then Close to my Heart; and our local scrapbook store. I’m done for awhile!


  2. Like your haul video. I get the Stampin Up catalog in June and I think that gets me going on a buying spree! I do eventually get a grip on things and stop for awhile. I really enjoy your video’s.


  3. Oh, first! The powder gum arabic gets moldy if left mixed in water, so you can’t make a bottled solution and like the Davici. I found out that the hard way when I tried to make a spray bottle out of it for working with watercolor.

    As far as shopping…I’m going a little bananas myself with the art supplies these last few months (mostly May and June). At the moment I’m tempted to buy a set of Letraset Aqua markers because I’m obsessed with ALL the dye-based water-based markers. I want to try every. single.one, in every color. I want to swatch them all (well, and use them beyond that, but I’m weirdly obsessed with watching all my art supplies at the moment…) So that’s my newest temptation- I haven’t bit the bullet yet, but I am doing the obsessively-check-the-price-but-not-buy thing. *sigh*

    However, it DOES make me happy- the choosing the item, the ordering it, the waiting for it, the unwrapping it, the testing it out, the putting it away, the switching it, the using it on the first few projects. It certainly makes me happier than a night out at happy hour or a new major-label purse or something like that, so I’m not too hard on myself. (But I really do not need another set of dye-based markers, for real. Seriously. I just *WANT* them!!)


  4. Hi Lindsay, a other great haul you got very good, can’t to see how to use the pasty craft and what you make with it, hugs Liz x


  5. Omg, Lindsay! I bought so many things after watching u! ) ty so much! The only thing i didnt like as much as u did was Zigs markers. But i might have a wrong paper cause they didnt wanna blend and came to me dry. Everything else u refered was perfect! I appriciate ur work a lot! Sending u thanks every day! Masha


  6. Don’t ever apologize for buying stuff. It’s your money 😎 your perogative😎
    I was glad you smelled the stamps because I couldn’t remember what you said, so now I must remember sweet is good 😎 have a nice vacation
    I am going through AAC withdrawals😎
    I know you stop for summer, I didn’t think I would ever wish a summer away😎


  7. And to add to the enabling… JoAnns is having 50% off all their stamps and stamp pads right now.


  8. I will be VERY interested in your take on the CP. I did a comparison myself but don’t watch it till after you do yours 🙂 Be sure to check out the photo where I cut the palette with a Sizzix die…

    http://tinyurl.com/o86gqom and http://tinyurl.com/oqg9s7g

    And PS I am SO with you on the haul video warnings. Should be required….
    Mary Anne


    • I’ll wait to watch it. I was wishing the larger CP was 5″x7″ and I was thinking of cutting it down too…


  9. You are absolutely hilarious!! I ordered a set of Prima stamps that came with tiny word stamps, tried using them and could not get a word to stamp. I did email them, to which surprisingly they did reply — “The stamps are meant to resemble old fashioned Dymo Tape. If using them to stamp we recommend archival dye ink as opposed to water based inks. This will give you a clear impression.” Have not a clue what “Dymo” is … ?

    The words are barely visible on the stamp and they do have the same green material. Oh well, mine were cheap anyway.

    And, hey! I smell a lot of things too! I love the smell of new and old books, paper, and I smell my stamps! I’m the well known weirdo in my family. Well, at least it’s my signature weirdness! LOL!

    Great haul! Looking forward to watching!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂


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    • Dymo was the original label maker before Brother came out with the electronic kind. It was a hand held device with a dial and a trigger. You inserted a colored tape, then spelled out your label one letter at a time with the dial and squeezed the trigger which embossed the letter into the plastic sticky tape. Lots of sticker companies used to make sentiments that looked like Dymo tape a few years back but it drifts in and out of popularity. Good advice on the Archival ink though… any stamp I have trouble with (even after scuffing with an emory board) works well with Archival. 🙂


  10. I’m eager to see how you use the pan pastels.


  11. LOL, I think a warning would boost your viewing numbers. Even on our facebook groups we share where the great deals are. I scored a 1970 Joe Colombo Boby Trolley. I say that with such an air of confidence but I did not know what it was til I got it home and the shelves had come unseated and I saw a name on it so I looked it up for reconstruction. Yikes it’s at MOMA and can go for $400. I paid 25.Keep being you Lindsay. We are responsible for our own self control or lack there of.


  12. I am laughing off my chair this morning. I have been on a buying binge myself. Not sure why, because I certainly don’t need it but like you, I love a great deal and sometimes you can’t leave the things at JoAnn’s because the prices are unbeatable. Keep it coming Lindsay, I don’t think you are responsible for anyone’s personal shopping downfall.


  13. OMG I am just getting off ebay looking at all that I have purchased and wondering what am I doing? I seem to need everything that I see online and then the item arrives and I have sence of satisfaction that I own it and I store in my crafting studio. To someday later be picked up and used. I also go in spurts. ..selling more than buying….I am a crafting addict…LOL


  14. I would love to see a tutorial using the pan pastels. Any of them, not necessarily just the new dark colors.


  15. Lindsay love your haul. Right now I am in to making the 5 zipper purses. Hope you are enjoying yours. I carry mine on trips and shopping sprees. Hope you have a nice vacation with your family.


  16. Look forward to your review/video of the Creative Pallette. I purchased mine prior to buying the Gelli Plate. I just couldn’t accomplish what I wanted with the CP.


  17. Love your haul……I’m glad you spent the gift card, if you don’t it will expire…..lol


  18. Hey Lindsay you are not the only one that likes to smell stamps, Stephanie Barnard (Sizzix & Stamps of Life) is always smelling her stamps in her videos. I think you’re in good company!!


  19. Will the four-inch round gelli plate fit on your big acrylic rocker for stamping?


  20. You have enabled me to buy a lot of things. I have been happy with what I’ve gotten like the stain glass round stamps and introducing me to Local King stamps. Keep up the tutorials Love them!


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