Pretty Peacock Stamped Card!

Howdy friends! Today I have a colorful card using lots of fun stamping techniques!


You can get the stamps I used from Carmen’s Veranda. You can get the Spectrum Aqua Markers at Hallmark Scrapbook (affiliate link, clicking the link and shopping supports me blog and YouTube channel, thanks!)

Other Supplies:

  • glossy photo paper
  • cardstock
  • patterned paper
  • Kaliedacolor (rainbow) ink-pad
  • chalk
  • color duster or brush for inking

I hope you see what fun you can have with your stamps, ink-pads, chalks and markers soon! If you liked this project please share it on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter 🙂 Have a great night and til next time happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “Pretty Peacock Stamped Card!

  1. What size is your little paper cutter? Also what brand? I have a large paper cutter that is unwieldy…your small one looks so handy…perfect for card making.


    1. The cutting area is 6″, the grid is 5″x6″, it was made by creative memories and is 15 years old, I’ve seen other brands make them too but I ma not sure who, Fiskars maybe?


  2. Lindsay I love the tape dispenser. We had to put a new control module on our dishwasher and it had some foam that I stuck back on with it and some plastic things that went between the front panel and the inside, and they didn’t have anything holding them in place so I just put some tape on them and no problem stayed in place. Hope you are having a good weekend. Love the card.


  3. love your video u said u did something to your ATG gun to make it work better what did u have to do I think that is what you were talking about


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