Let’s Paint a Ruffly Flower! {Real-time mini painting!)

Hi friends! I was looking for something the other day and came across a box of small frames I bought years ago when I needed cheap ways to display my art for sale. There was a bunch of 3.5″x6″ acrylic frames with a magnet on the back, they were meant for displaying photos on a ‘fridge but I would put small watercolor paintings in them and sell them for $5. I like making small watercolor paintings. They are a great way to warm up before attempting a large painting or a fun thing to do if you can only squeeze in 15 minutes of painting in your day. Often I will work on 4 or 5 paintings at a time so I can skip around when I am waiting for stuff to dry. As you can imagine I can end up with stacks of these little paintings so the small frames are a great way to display and sell them. I hope you like these mini paintings because I chopped up a bunch of paper to 3.5″x5″ and I am going to flip on the camera and film them as I do them. So, here is the first one, a ruffled pink flower:


Here is the reference photo I used by Christine Coffey at Paint my Photo. I used Yarka watercolors and Albright Druer watercolor pencils on Canson Montville 140# cold pressed paper. You can use whatever brands you like though:) Thanks for stopping by and have a great night!


15 Responses

  1. Beautiful! Love your tutorials!


  2. Love the ruffled pink flower; yes, you should publish the Bird of Paradise!


  3. Beautiful Rose Lindsay….love the shading you gave it! Thanks for sharing your expertise!!!!
    Paper Hugs,


  4. Absolutely gorgeous Lindsay, I really wish I could free hand draw/paint like you. Thanks for the video I love to watch you work.


  5. Love the beautiful rose. I could watch you paint all day. Have a good weekend.


  6. Lindsay, thank you for another wonderful video! By the way, I just saw you mentioned in the July issue of Redbook magazine! It talks about your technique for pressing flowers. Love it!


  7. I love when you paint. It is so relaxing for me. By the way I also had a pasta maker (you are gonna hate this) I only paid $20 for it at goodwill. It ended up breaking because it was cheap plastic and could not take all the pressure from the flour and water mixture I put into it. But I do have the “set it and forget it” and use it a lot. HA HA!


  8. I love these mini happy paintings! It’s something I can do when I don’t have much time and you show me how nice it can look like. I still am not able to copy pictures, I have to grasp how to leave out unnecessary details, so there is always something left for me to learn.

    I bought my Albrecht Duerers ages ago and used them for the first sketch, especially when it came to painting something like poinsettias to prevent me from getting mixed up with the red and green leaves. I always tended to end up with far too many red leaves! But when I watched you using Inktense pencils I put them on my birthday list at ONCE!! I really need both, the Inktense are very vivid and nice for drawings that need bright colors but if I want a watercolory look the AD are better – softer. What I like most about the Inktense is you can add glaze over glaze without moving the previous glazes, which isn’t that easy with watercolors – BUT, once Inktense gets wets there is No Return. I couldn’t tell which is best, it depends on what kind of drawing you are doing.

    I am happy to read you prepared a bunch of paper this size and will be showing us more mini paintings! Now the weather is (hopefully!) getting better here in Germany I’ll have the chance to do small quick paintings like this outdoors after being animated by your videos first thing in the morning. Thanks a lot!


  9. I was given a full set of Prisma Watercolor pencils and I was wondering what you thought of them? You never seem to mention Prisma when you talk about your pencils. Are they student grade? Thanks for sharing yor talent and life with us. Your idea of doing small pictures is great! Hugs!


  10. This is really pretty and OMGosh, Lindsay, you are SO funny. My husband and I were both sitting here laughing at your ramblings.


  11. Beautiful! I love watching you work because you work fast and I think for watercolors that is perfect. I always enjoy every project that you do. Thanks for being so energetic and putting out so many tutorials.


  12. Love, love your drawings…….you are so talented…..I love watching your videos because you explain every process and really helps me understand. Again, THANKS LINDSAY 🙂


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