My Journey {How I became a working artist}

Hi friends! I have been meaning to make this video for a while. I get asked a lot if I went to art school and how did I get into YouTube, blogging, designing for magazines and teaching art. It is probably a rather odd path to take but I did not have anyone’s footsteps to follow in so I just plowed ahead in any direction that looked fun and I could make art. It occurred to me that there really is not a roadmap for artisans to go about making a living for themselves. I hope my journey gives you some ideas if you want to make a living for your art or craft.  I hope you find it useful. 😀


I think what I want to express is that it takes time, a thick skin and perseverance (even to the point where everyone but you thinks you are wasting your time) to get anywhere worth going. Everyone suffers disappointment and rejection but the people who succeed suck it up and go back for more. Basically, just don’t give up if you really want it BUT if you would be happier with a 9-5 job and doing art in your spare time just to please yourself that is absolutely fine too. You have to do what you know in your heart is right for you. If running an art related handmade business is your goal I encourage you to devour anything that our sponsor Renae Christine from Rich Mom Business has to say. She is such a smart cookie and she is giving away a free handmade training course to all of my readers. You can register here. If you have already taken my advice and taken her free course (well done you!) make sure you are also subscribed to her YouTube channel because she keeps everyone up to date in changes to ETSY, new online selling platforms, SEO, and lots of online selling and marketing stuff. She is my online guru and I am proud to call her a friend, or “Bestie” as she would say. 🙂 I love introducing my friends to each other! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


16 Responses

  1. Well done Lindsay. Very informative and true. N


  2. awesome video, but i would be nice if you had your sponsors on a banner vs saying… instinct is to change the channel every time i hear Rich Mom Business… reminds me of those late night infomericals…


  3. Thanks for the inspiration, Lindsay.


  4. I tend to watch all your videos to be honest. As someone trying to start a business on a tight budget your blog’s been great help and inspiration for me. Thank you.


  5. Hi Mom, I wanted to be sure daddy got my message on Father’s Day since I know you didn’t get that one message I left due to your phones being goofy. I would like to stop by and give him his gift, so let me know whenever you guys are available. Did you get my email? When they called about releasing Steven Gonzalez did they say where they released him to. Like what area? Hope you had a good weekend because I surely didn’t! Lol Ttys!

    Love, Lisa


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  6. excellent video Lindsay!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your journey!
    Paper Hugs,


  7. So much hard work and it all paid off for you. Great job.


  8. Your an inspiration to us all..thank you for sharing your journey with us..and never giving up…


  9. Lindsay, this was an excellent video, explaining to folk’s, one can make a living as a professional artist, however, it won’t happen overnight, and it will take work, lots of determination, and patience. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to how you explained your trials along the way, which got you where you are now. You are definitely one of my favorite YouTube and blog artists, and I always look forward to what you are going to show us next. You are definitely an inspiration and you stand out in the crowd, Ms. Maine!


  10. Thank you for your time to make this video!!! You really are a joy to listen to!!!! I am old, but young in art and people who look at my stuff tell me “Sell, Sell, Sell…” I guess I should, but I do it because I have MS and my art takes me away to another place where there is no pain or worry….just colors and fun! I think it is one of the most healing things I can do for my broken brain!! It fixes me!!! Listening to you just makes me feel happy too!!! Good luck and blessings with all you do!


  11. Not only are you a very gifted artist, you are just a really FUN lady and we are so grateful for all the videos and knowledge you share!….thank YOU for being who you are and blessing all of US!…..pamela


  12. You are Awesome Lindsay! Love your videos! So glad that I found you!


  13. Great job Lindsey. A fair and balanced video on the ups and downs of business.


  14. I loved hearing about your journey in the field of Art. Thanks especially for the time span. I think that’s what most of us forget. It isn’t poof we’re making money LOL. Now I’m heading over to Rich Mom Business.


  15. Thank you Lindsay, for Hope 🙂


  16. Thanks for sharing Lindsay.
    Thought it would be a tough climb, its your drive and self -determination to make it work.
    True admiration for your honesty 😉
    Luv your videos


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