Happy Fathers Day! Here is a fun card to make!

Hi friends! I just got back from visiting my dad for father’s day, we all went out to dinner and visited for a while. It was nice to get together with my parents, sister and to let the cousins play (my little nephew looked confused when I called his grampa ‘dad’  “Hey, that’s my mom’s dad!” he said LOL! Hmmm, if he does not realize that his mom and I are sisters I probably need to visit more! As soon as I saw this birch tree forest stamp from Rubbernecker at the stamp show earlier this month I knew I wanted to make this card:


The technique is so useful, quick and fun that I had to share it with you! As a bonus at the end of this video you can see the project that my daughter Maizy made while I was making these cards! She is so funny, she pretends she is makign a video whenever she crafts. Like mother like daughter LOL! 🙂

Ink: Archival black, Tea Dye brown Distress (Ranger) and Lawn Fawn Inks in Green, yellow and orange
Cream and kraft cardstock
sponges for blending (I used make-up sponges)
wax or clear/white crayon

Tip, I used a knife to cut a pointy chunk of wax off of the hunk of canning wax, it will help you have control where you apply it. You can also use a white crayon or save a clear crayon from an egg decorating kit too. Any wax will work for this. I hope you give this technique a try and til next time happy crafting!

14 Responses

  1. Wow, very nice card, and your daughter’s journal is awesome… fab job. She should show her creation more often. My 3 are artist/crafters/creators too… great thing to do together.

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  2. Wanted to see how to make the wood grain, you didn’t show us! 😦


  3. Thank you for some more male ideas in making cards.looking forward to some tutorials in starting making stamping cards, especially starting supplies. They can become expensive when I started looking especially in Hawaii.

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  4. Loved the card and the journal. My favorite activity is crafting with my three-year-old granddaughter who likes to do her own thing while I craft. I’m always amazed at the creativity of children. Every child should have access to crafting items, it let’s then truly shine. Would love to see more of your children’s creations and a tutorial on how they did it.

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  5. I telyove the birch stamp card with wood background and buttons. I found it very manly and the colors are great! I watch all your videos and learn a lot. I wish you were my neighbor but I live in Wa and you live in Maine!

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  6. LOVED the whole video (and I don’t use the word “love” casually). I am one of the gals who wanted the birch trees stamp and so I enjoyed this card idea, and I also appreciate non-frou-frou ideas. Ah! I will remember that wax tip for the birch trees – clever! And I wrote the DIY blender idea on an index card – terrific!
    My girls are out of the house but still crafting – really wish we could do it together! Enjoy your children while they are with you, the time goes by too fast!

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  7. Nice card. I used to craft with my three boys when they were little. And now my middle son keeps wanting me to sky dive with him. I told him did he want me to have heart failure, Have a good week. Your daughter sounds very sweet. Just like her mother.

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  8. Great masculine card. I love the wax technique. Would love to hear more about Maizy’s journal and how she made it.


  9. Hi Lindsay and Maizy 🙂
    Loved the card and journal. You two give us so much inspiration to craft; THANK YOU!!!!


  10. Your daughter is alot like you! I loved BOTH of the projects! Keep up the good work ladies!


  11. Great idea to use the wax! Maiseys journal is beautiful and loved your card too. Just catching up on your videos. ~Diane


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