Odd shaped gift? No problem!

Hi friends! Today I will show you how to wrap an odd-shaped gift using supplies from our sponsor Papermart!


Watch the video to see how I did it.


I thought the gift idea of some “tween magazines” was super fun, and adding nail polish and lip balm was perfect because I remember my younger days of reading Teen Beat and Bop with my girlfriends and painting our nails while we giggled over the quizzes in the magazines and swooned over the latest heartthrobs (It was New Kids on The Block and Corey Feldman for me LOL!) I think a gift of a couple of hours of carefree enjoyment is good at any age in fact! I just wish there were more crafty magazines being published these days!

You don’t have to be wrapping a magazine to do this though, you can roll a sheet of poster board into a cylinder or use a mailing tube if your items to gift are small enough.

Brown Kraft Paper
Organza Fabric (brown & fuchsia)
Kraft Paper Tags
Paper Ribbon
Washi Tape

1. Since I was wrapping magazines I rolled them up to make the gift tube, you could use a mailing tube or poster board to make a custom tube for your gift. Wrap your tube with brown kraft paper and secure with washi tape.
2. Fold in the brown paper at one end to close the tube and fill with your gifts, then fold the other end in to close the tube.
3. Wrap with several layers of organza fabric and tie a strip of fabric around the excess at each end.
4. Make a gift tag and tie it on one of the ends with ribbon.


I hope this idea helps you forgo the traditional gift bag for your oddly shaped presents. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


7 Responses

  1. I love this idea! I have a lot of crazy shaped gifts for some reason. This solves it nicely.


  2. I also have a frugal tip to share. If anyone out there buys the MISTI tool do not throw away that little piece of heavy cardboard after you peel off and attach your clear vinyl sheet to the MISTI door. This piece is very sturdy and it is laminated so it makes a great (and for free!) palette for mixing watercolors. Keep those clever crafty frugal ideas comin’ Lindsay. You keep me inspired! 🎨

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh.. yay! I kept mine, but wasn’t sure why. Now I know.. Thank you!! I was going to laminate some cardstock. Forgot I even still had that piece.. ^_^


  3. i thought, it was a wine bottle before i saw the video. magazine…could have never thought of that! Thumbs up!


  4. Love your wrapping! Always fun to keep them guessing. ^_^


  5. Repurposing packaging makes perfect sense and your ideas for using tubes for gifts is great. Boys love Hot Wheels cars they fit perfectly inside bathroom paper tubes. About 3 cars will fit, so those packages of 3 cars in plastic packs can be opened and the cars fitted into the tube. Great as stocking stuffers, for birthdays, and as prizes at parties, the cardboard tubes are quick and easy to fill and wrap. Thanks for your ideas, Lindsay.


  6. That’s cool. I’ve wrapped gifts like that before but never thought about filling in the “tube” with goodies. Thanks for the idea.


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