Relax and Paint a Happy Little Stream! {Using Gansai Tambi Watercolors!}

Hello Friends! Summer vacation has officially hit the Frugalcrafter’s household…well for the kids, I still have a bit of work I had hoped to have finished before the kids got out of school and doing what would normally take me 15 minutes takes me all day. I totally needed a  few quiet minutes of painting therapy last night so I snuck down to my studio and painted this…


…but they found me. I was recording this tutorial live when a few minutes in my twins showed up in my studio, started to bicker and then picked up a painting I had packaged up to mail to a customer, I could see one was trying to bop the other one on the head with it and I had to intervene before someone got hurt or the painting was damaged. I was a trooper, I tried to keep my cool and carry on but listing back I could hear the irritation in my voice and I was painting angry little trees and we can’t have that now can we? And besides, this painting should have only taken me about 15 minutes and I found it hard to get back in the flow after the interruption. See, we all have days like that, sometimes parenting is all friendship bracelets and rainbows and other times you are thinking “Who are these people and why do they keep calling me mom?” I’m pretty sure I have a rubber stamp that says that too LOL!  Now on to the video!


One of the reasons I wanted to paint this is because several people asked me to paint a picture with the Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolors (Affiliate link-Hallmark Scrapbook) that so many stampers have been using lately. They are more opaque than traditional western watercolors but you can use them just the same. Go ahead and you whatever paints you have though, Traditional paints will be a bit more vivid.

Colors used: Kuretake Gansai Tambi Color numbers & Names () indicate traditional color names
#31 Scarlet Red (Vermillion or Cadmium Red)
#44 Light Brown (Yellow Ocher)
#54 Olive Green (Chromium Oxide green)
#62 Colbalt Blue
#47 Dark Brown (Burnt Umber)

Other Supplies:

Prima Watercolor Pencils (affiliate link)
140# Canson Monteville watercolor paper
A hunk of clear wax
Princeton Neptune brushes #16, #8 rounds (Micheals has these on clearance!)
Reference photo by Lynn Quinn at the new Paint My Photo Website.

I hope you give this painting a try, it is great for relaxing after a not-so-relaxing day:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. LOL! I need that rubber stamp! And…I’m doing it all again by keeping my Grandson full time while my daughter works full time. Crazy! Yeah, the Angry voice is starting to come out now that he’s 2.5 yrs old and a such a rascal! 🙂

    I love your work and am so happy I found you! I tried to paint your Aspen tree and I added a happy little stream…love that you’re channeling Bob Ross right there. I’ve watched him for years!

    Anyway, I tried painting your Aspen and I added a happy little stream from here in the Eastern Sierras. It’s not that good, but here’s the link to the image so can see I really did try.

    I think I’ll try this one next. It’s really pretty, and if I don’t try I won’t improve, and do so want to paint!


  2. I like how you said, “They found me”. This is beautiful. Thanks for making painting easy and accessible to everyday people like me.


  3. “angry little trees” …. you are so funny! I didn’t see that when I watched the video first time on youtube before I read this but after THAT they really DID look angry!
    Thanks for doing these videos for us anyway ….. I was never able to paint until my children grew up AND moved out …. you can quit a drawing when you need to but it’s difficult with watercolors. I love watching your watercolor videos so I am happy every time I spot a new one. I wonder if I will be checking your trees from now on though ….


  4. I loved after you didn’t like how the water turned out, dabbed it out and re-did, how it turned out! Id like to see this full speed, how you turn your brushes, etc. I can’t catch it when sped up. BUT. I understand not wanting to put angry trees out on the interwebs, lol! Thanks for all you do Lindsay!


  5. Your paintings always come out so great and this one is a good example. I love your fluid movements. I have to learn how to do that. Thanks for all the tips.


  6. Hats off to you keeping it cool with the kids and r the art. You are such a special lady and let me once more say thanks for all the joy you bring with you videos to me and others


  7. I have totally lost my watercolor mojo and miss it and need to find time for it. I can’t follow the sped up version either but I’ll seek out one of your other slower ones. You are always an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!,


  8. I love the frugal crafter


  9. I am beyond kids at this point so have my creative time to myself. Love this painting would like to try it. Worked with Inktense pencils this am and they are great too. Love your tutorials.


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