No Flake Glitter Fun Card!

Hi Friends! I was scrolling though my YouTube videos and realized that I never shared this project on my blog:


All you need is double-sided tape (I like the 2″ wide score-tape) clear iridescent glitter, stamps (stamps and dies can be found at Simon Says Stamp), black ink and ANY kind of markers (I used Chameleon Pens, this is an affiliate link.) Watch the video to see how to do this colorful glitter coloring technique that will not flake off.

I used 99 cent a tube glitter (Papermart) so I colored the paper first, there is a special glitter that I have never used called Glitter Ritz, I believe, that you can color on top of because it burnishes smooth. You CAN color on this glitter too but I worry it might fray your marker nibs because it feels a little like sandpaper and it does pull off some glitter if you do that. I’ve tried it. Just want to give you all the facts:)


So, Last night after writing my blog post I went to bed, slept what I think was the first full 8 hour stretch in a month and woke up today feeling great! It was such a nice day (83 and a breeze!) that I sat outside and read, played basketball (OK, my lame attempt of shooting hoops) and catch, went for a walk and enjoyed that fresh cut grass smell! I love summer! It feels good to break out the suntan lotion and sundresses after being piled under sweaters and cold all winter.  Thanks for all of the concerned sweet comments over my headache last night and scratchy voice this week, I think I just needed to sleep! I hope you are having an awesome weekend and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. I use Sizzix envelopes with the dies and stamps together. I label the envelope and put them in a plastic box. I am deciding if I do alphabetical or themes as I am reorganizing my craft room now.


  2. I just keep the dies with my stamp in the back of the stamp set (as you have them) and then I have clear drawers and I store them by company, but then that is easier for me because I need to know who makes what for DT. And you are right, if you keep them apart, you use the dies so much less because I forget that the stamp set have the matching dies.


  3. Love this card Lindsay. When I watched it on Youtube I wanted to try it right away! So glad you are feeling better 🙂


  4. Could You give us the link on Amazon where you got your 2 inch score tape. I love your tutorials, you have a very comfortable demeanor, down home kinda girl. It’s easy to learn from you, and relearn things I forgot I knew. THANKS


  5. I think that your video’s are never too long. I is always nice to watch you explaining how to do this and that.


  6. Such a pretty card! I use glitter glue and, it doesn’t half go everywhere LOL
    these new Chameleon Pens are great I might get my folks to buy Me some for My Birthday!
    Your videos are never too long as a beginner I find your tutorials the best online
    Your feedback is so kind thanks Lindsay!
    I finished my card too 🙂 Might try your card today 🙂


  7. Love watching your videos Lindsay. Great idea I have to try. Just thought I’d let you know about my die cut machines. I started off with a Cuttlebug. Then I got a Big Shot (which I still love). I have the magnetic plate and love it. I then bought a Cheery Lynn Crossover machine when they were released. I got this machine because it takes A4 size embossing folders – which I use when I make boxes for my cards. I bought a magnetic sheet for it. I like this machine a lot as it is so versatile. It was a toss up between this and the Grand Calibur and this one won as I have a number of Sizzix Bigz dies and they won’t work in the GC!
    Hugs from Alison in Oz xxx


  8. Wow! It’s only 6:33 am and you did all these things! Of course my dog woke me at 4:30 am but I pretended I was sleeping and finally got up at 5:15. Now he is in his bed snoring.

    I just wanted to say I look for your posts every day. I am interested in watercolor and acrylic painting, making watercolor cards, have done some jewelry. I am a beginner on all of this. Retired in 2012 and have taken a few classes. I have done a little acrylic and watercolor for about 5 years. Nothing serious! Oh, and trying to master my skills in photography. I share these loves with my grandchildren and my daughters and this has created a bond with them.

    I loved your hummingbird card and even bought the glittered watercolor paint. Hummingbird was my Moms favorite bird. She had little figurines all over her house.

    My newest project is my son in law wants me to paint a mule for him for his barn/workshop. So I got the idea of doing a painting of a barn, farm pasture with fence and a mule or mules in pasture. I want one mule close up. AND, I bought a window with frame and glass to put painting in so when he mounts it in his barn/workshop it will appear he is looking out window at the barn/mule(s). Now, I have to create this within the glass of 4 window panes. I have ordered acrylic paper and will use one large piece 16 x 24 and line off 4 sections but I will paint it as one painting. But have to be careful to have everything where you can see barn and mule. My husband keeps making suggestions (not a artist). Kind of drives me crazy. I finally moved my window frame, ideas spread out on dining room table out of site hoping he will just let me create.

    I am not sure why I am sharing this???? Guess I feel I know you. I like the long version of geraniums in window box. Geraniums are my favorite flower and have 5 large clay pots at my entryway. I want to try doing this painting. Glad you did long version. You do talk fast and as a Southerner I really have to listen hard. Then maybe I will photograph and make a greetings card. I guess I need to have Staples make a stamp for me for the back that says “Made for you by”

    I was overwhelmed watching your video on a tour of your studio. So much stuff! I bought a few clear stamps, embossing stamp and powder. LOVE that technique and video on Mothers Day card. I would love more info on where to get clear stamps reasonably priced. Never seen or heard of the die machine so want to learn more. I just don’t have room for a lot of stuff. My art projects are in the grandchildren’s room. Guess I better get my office cleaned out and move some of this stuff as the room is becoming overcrowded.

    Well, thought I would share some of my likes, what I want to learn more about. AND, love your bubbly personality. You are a breathe of fresh air! Keep up the good work. My daughter, Lisa, came over last Saturday and we did a greeting card. Now she joined your blog as her daughter is also a Girl Scout. We saw you did a few projects for the Girl Scouts.

    Have a blessed day!

    Sent from my iPad



    • Thanks for writing:) I have put art in old windows too, it looks so charming:) If the paper is larger you can do the painting and then move it around in the frame in a way that looks best, the extra gives you some wiggle room, and trim it later:) I am starting a new series in a couple of weeks called Stamp School for beginner rubber stampers, it should help:) BTW Joann has stamps 40% off right now if you need inexpensive supplies:) Coupons for free shipping and 15% off too!


  9. I love this great technique. It is new to me, but I must try it soon. Sometimes your videos are too long for the time I have at that moment, but I come back to them and learn a lot from them. I enjoy your daily blog and “Ask a Crafter” episodes too.


  10. I miss ask a crafter!


  11. Love your videos and was ecstatic to see the one on Brusho . I have had brushos, bitser and color bursts for a while and love them. I store dies and stamps that go together in cd/DVDs cases. All do my stamps are in cd cases. My dies are too. And dies that have matching stamps are stored together. I have two lazy Susan cd storage towers on my craft table where I keep them. Thanks for all your wonderful craftiness!


  12. I store my stamps and dies separately like you, though not in binders (I use a modified Jennifer McGuire method of pockets. I have my stamps grouped in themes like you too, so here is what I do with stamp sets and matching dies. If the dies can only be used to cut out the stamped images because otherwise they would just look like blobs, I keep them with the stamps. If they could be used by themselves, like flowers, alphabets, etc. then I store them with my dies BUT put a post it note with the stamps to remind me that I have matching dies and a note with the dies to remind me of the matching stamps. I separate my stamp sets if they have images that are for different themes, like a heart AND a cupcake. In those cases I split the dies too. Keeping your stamps with dies together but in their own separate place won’t make you remember to use them more… you’ll forget them because you are conditioned to grab your binders. Besides, you’ll be thinking of whatever theme you need and not about the convenience of the stamp/die combo. You have to store things in the way you think about crafting. Some people craft by grabbing things by a certain manufacturer, but that’s just not how I think. Maybe if I were doing design team work, but after it is showcased for a project or two it would have to go into my normal way of storing things. Hope that helps!


  13. We CAN see what you are doing. You are always in focus too.
    This project is absolutely beautiful. I store my dies with stamps in the same DVD plastic case. I used double stick tape runner for the dies.
    It works great.
    I’m glad you showed how to fix the mistake. Thanks for the works!!!


  14. Could you do the die-cutting before you remove the backing on the score tape? It would be less messy & save glitter as well. I know, glitter is cheap!


  15. My dies are sorted by theme in plastic boxes to flip through. My stamps are sorted by theme in plastic drawers to flip through. My stan/dies are sorted my theme in plastic boxes to flip through. None are pressing tightly so as to not damage the.


  16. Was looking for a project for a tween card making class and found this. It’s a fabulous project, but unfortunately the stamp and die set you used has been discontinued and papermart no longer sells the clear glitter in the small container. Oh well. I will just use some of my other flower stamps and have them fussy cut the blossoms. Also I already have some ultra fine glitter. I was able to color it after burnishing it into the stamped image, but even that feels a little scratchy and would not want to use good markers on it.


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