Super fun (quick) backgrounds!

Hi friends! Just a quick post tonight because I have a headache and can’t bear to look at a screen for another moment, I don’t often get headaches but this is a doozy! I was playing with my new Ken Oliver Color Burst powders that I got at the heirloom show last weekend (BTW Rubbernecker has them discounted until 6/24 if you want some) and a new stencil and made 2 backgrounds by using the stencil 2 ways, have a look at today’s video!


The Color Burst powders are very similar to the Brusho but the vendors at the stamp show said they could not get the Brusho powders to sell. I have to say I enjoy the applicator bottles the Color Bursts come in (much better application compared to poking a hole in the cap of Brusho) but if you already have Brusho use that:) I did a review and first impression of Brusho here of you want to check it out. I got some great DIY ideas from viewers on my YouTube channel that you also might want to try if you have no watercolor powders.

Color Power Alternatives:

  • Kool Aid powdered drink mix, just beware it contains citric acid so do not use it on scrapbook pages, it’s acidic.
  • Fabric powdered dye- I tried this, the finer tie-die kit powder works, RIT looks lame
  • Powdered tempera, I have not tried it but great idea to those who suggested it
  • Shaving other media like Inktense, pastels and watercolor pencils/crayons (not as intense as the powders)

Let me know if you have any other suggestions or if you have a powder preference, there is also a brand called “Bister” I think but I have not tried it, if you have let me know what you think. I think it is a nice artsy fling and I am such a watercolor floozy! Now, off to put a cold wash-cloth on my head! Happy crafting!


30 Responses

  1. Take care of yourself! We just cannot get through the day without our visit with you by way of your videos!


  2. Awesome love this technique – got to look out for some of these – love that you can use both sides of the stencil!! woo hoo love it


  3. Sorry you have a head ache, hope it goes away soon. Have a good weekend. Oh tomorrow will be my wonderful husband and my 41 anniversary. Wow times flies when you are having fun.


  4. Feel better Lindsey you work so hard you need a rest anyway. Thanks for this video I purchased the color burst last week and some new stencils on clearance from Michaels today. I am going try this technique out this weekend. Fast, fun and easy just what I like. Have a great weekend!


  5. FUN technique Lindsay…..thanks for sharing! Hope you can get some R&R and feel better SOON!
    Hugs and Prayers,


  6. Lidsey… Tomorrow when your headache is all gone could you tell me where to find that video you did on making a card with the Stampendous BLOSSOM BEAUTY where you stamped it 4 times and colored it in and used one cut out blossom as the leaves was beautiful and I finally found the blossom stamp ( last one)… But can’t find that video…thanks!… You are so so fun to watch… Amazing talent and a great teacher… Plus personality plus! So glad your health news turned out well…hope you feel better in the morning…. Pamela

    Sent from my iPhone๐Ÿ 



  7. Agh shucks. Feel better, going to have to find these to play with, so quick n easy…thanks for all u do for all of us…


  8. Take care of yourself! We can wait a bit you know! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks anyway for the video, it looks like magic!! ๐Ÿ˜€


  9. So sorry you have a headache… most likely you need to catch up on some rest!! hope you feel better could you do some watercolor stamping with the color burst?? and this request is for WAY AFTER you feel better…..


  10. I feel so sorry for you! I hope you will be better soon!
    In Germany you dye Easter eggs with tablets made of solid dye, powder-like. I forgot if you can get those tablets in the States too. I wonder if I could somehow grind them and use it like Color Burst. You have to add vinegar to dye Easter eggs so they might not be acidic. I might have to buy those cute little salt shakers to be able to dose it on the paper …. does the humidity affect it if you can’t close the shakers? I remember you punched holes into the plastic bottles of the first kind you used a few days ago …..


  11. Morning here in U.K so sitting checking emails and got a link from your Site this is so pretty backgrounds often worry Me! I am like u I don’t like plain white backgrounds bought a paper trimmer to trim my paper. It tends to be so big watercolour paper a bit daunting for the beginner I am!
    your backgrounds are always beautiful
    Just sent you a comment on fb
    it’s so fun being creative and trying different ideas…


  12. This is so cool. TFS. I hope you feel better soon.


  13. I hope your headache is better today… Loved the video! I have some un-opened Brusho… I wonder if putting them in dropper bottles (the soft, squeezy kind they sell in bulk on Amzn and Ebay) would be similar to those Ken Oliver bottles?


  14. Feel better! Happy smile is what you need!! These backgrounds are precious!!! Gives me ideas for a lot of things!!!! :@). Thanks for always being in the back ground!!!…you make days special!!!


  15. Thanks for all the info. I haven’t been able to find any of these products (Bister, Brusho, Colour Burst) in my area but I did try tempera paint….didn’t work for me at all!! I am going to try the fabric die next. Thanks for making all your videos so entertaining.


    • thanks for letting me know, It was a suggestion I was curious to try, it must have too much chalk in them:)


  16. Hoping you feel better real soon…Your videos have really helped Me with My art being a beginner learning so much from your great tutorials Lindsay

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  17. for anyone that has neither product which do you suggest?


  18. Lindsay, maybe it was Ken’s color burst powders that gave you the headache? And thanks for such fabulous posts!


  19. Those look like a lot of fun to use!


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