Let’s Get Outside and Craft! {Great kids party activity too!}

Hi friends! We went from dreary and mid 50s to Sunshine and 80s this week so I just had to take my supplies outside to craft! Today I am going to show you how to make bubble wands using supplies from our sponsor Papermart! Watch this video to see how.


Metallic Pipe Cleaners
Raffia ribbon
Plastic craft beads
A bottle or cylinder to use as a form
Bubble solution (if you have a recipe share it in the comments!)

1. Make a loop in the middle of a pipe cleaner using a bottle as a form and twist the ends together.
2. Add beads if desired to another pipe cleaner and attach it to the first one under the loop. Wrap the beaded pipe cleaner around the handle and form the excess into a heart-shaped handle and twist to secure.
3. Add a ribbon through the end of the handle so you can wear it as a necklace. Enjoy!

The DIY bubble wands actually work better than my beaded metal bubble wands because all of the texture on the pipe cleaners grab more bubble juice so you get more bubble per blow. Cool huh? And i love that they only cost pennies a piece. Summer vacation is only a couple of days away so stock up on great craft supplies from our sponsor Papermart and let your kids creativity (and the bubbles) soar! Feel free to “pin” this idea on Pinterest so you will remember to try it this summer! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. Hi Lindsay, Have you evef used Faber-Castell Glasx Bead Gel? I wonder if you could mke this from transluscent txture paste and micro beads?


  2. i love how you use anything and convert it to a wonderfully 🙂
    watching the “Frugalcrafter” video every morning has kind of become a ritual.. Keep up the great work Lindsay!!


  3. Is there some sort of link or something we can put in over at the check out for Papermart, so they know it is because of you the order is being placed? I am not looking for a discount, just want to make sure they know your videos make an impact (and not only for the project you happen to be making in the video). I believe this bubble idea is an awesome idea for all those “Bubble Guppies Cartoon” from Nick Jr. parties. Thank you in advance.


    • If you click on any of the links in my post it will tell then I sent you:) I do not earn extra for that but it is how they determine if they want to continue sponsoring the content (it’s been almost 3 years so I guess they are happy LOL!)


  4. There are lots of bubble recipes, but this one makes giant bubbles:
    6 C. Distilled water (works better than tap water)
    1/2 c. cornstarch
    1/1 c. Dawn dish-washing liquid (most people agree that it works best)
    1 tbsp. baking powder
    1 tbsp. glycerine

    Dissolve cornstarch completely in water, then GENTLY stir in the remaining ingredients. (It’s important not to cause frothing) Allow to sit for an hour or more . Gentle stirring from time to time while using keeps the cornstarch from settling on the bottom. Have fun!
    Annie (Nann)


  5. What a fun activity! You just started my day out happy. This is something the grankids and I will be trying this summer.


  6. Hi Lindsay Grace from fb here
    so gonna make these for my niece and nephew they will Love it!

    Thank U for sharing with us your art and crafty genius (uk spelling) Lindsay!
    your so talented and full of great ideas


  7. Hello, awesome tutorial! I was wondering if you could help me. I made a stamp folder similar to the MISTI, but way less expensive and works the same, minus the magnetic base( I use washi tape if needed). I would like to post it on youtube, but I am unsure if my having made it is illegal. Can you tell me what I need to look up, or can you tell me if posting about it is ok? I just know that I am not the only person in the world who cant shell out fifty dollars on a cool stamping gadget right now. Mine costed less than ten dollars in materials yay!


    • It is not illegal to post a DIY but expect to get pushback from the Misti people, don’t mention Misti or they will have a fit. I shared a video my friend Jody at Hallmark Scrapbook made and some people freaked out but I am pretty sure they were put up to it by the company that makes the Misti. The idea of a hinged stamp positioner is not new and you can not copyright an idea, you can patent the actual thing but I doubt that your DIY would be exactly the same. Some people have taken down videos they posted because of the harrassment so just be aware of it.

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  8. Hey Ms Lindsay: I tried to leave a comment on your YouTube video about emails and it wouldn’t let me. My first question is:
    How did you do that?
    Second question is : why?
    Oh man and now I can’t remember what I was going to ask or post about that email YouTube.
    Guess I will just watch it over. Lol
    Maybe I wanted to make sure I was on your email list.
    Or maybe I agree with you: I subscribed to some YouTube people but never get their next great YouTube video unless I actually search for them. And why is that? What’s up with that?
    Anyway; TY for all your talents and information video’s, I truly enjoy you and them. Have a wonderful weekend girl. Take care, Pat


    • There is a link on the side of my blog where you can sign up for the mailing list, I have only sent one email there. There in another box to sign up for my blog and you will get an email each day with my blog post in it. Youtube changed the way they notify people, they used to email you when someone you subscribed to posted a video, now if you want them y you have to go to the person you subscribed to, click the gear next to their name and pick “send me updates” otherwise check your “my Subscriptions” feed. There are millions of channels uploading hundereds of hours of video every minute so they changed to keep from annoying the user I think:)


  9. Great video your the best art/craft tutor online you are so creative
    Big fan of yours,
    have a nice day Lindsay!
    Great video you tube is amazing for art and crafty goodness 🙂


  10. I love this. It would be a fun outdoor craft to do with the kids in my community.


  11. Cool idea!


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