Let’s Paint Geraniums {Quickly or Slowly LOL!}

Hi friends!  If I had a dollar for every technical difficulty I have suffered with over the last week I could afford to go to another stamp show LOL! I won’t get into all of that but I was finally able to figure out a work-around to render a long HD quality video that was still small enough in size to upload on my rural internet connection which I think consists of soup cans and string. Ironically after discovering this awesome trick for my current software we had some problems with our computer and the only way to fix them was to do a factory reset and uninstall all software and I can’t find my original disk to reinstall it. Looks like I’ll be upgrading anyway. Oh well, when computers get you down paint something pretty! We are going to be painting a sunny windowsill with geraniums on it:


The reference photo I am working from is from the very talented Ruth Archer at Paint My Photo.  I wanted to share a picture of my palette so you could see the mixes. The colors I used are: Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine Blue, Sap Green, Quin. Rose (or any pinkish red)


In this long tutorial we will paint the picture in real-time. Feel free to grab your paints and work along with me. I am working on an 140# cold pressed Arches block. I begin by sketching the design with Prima watercolor pencils but you can use what you have. I am using M Graham & co paints but again, any brand is fine. Scroll down for the shorter tutorial.

If you just want a sped up brief video this next one is for you, OR if you want to see if this painting is something that you might like to try, if so, then paint along with the longer version.

I hope having both is helpful to you and I am really happy my computer cooperated! Let me know what you think in the comments below! I posted the long version because so many YouTube viewers requested it (I do listen to my readers!) If you liked this video please share it on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter, there are handy buttons at the bottom of the post to help you do this and I appreciate it so very much!  Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



19 Responses

  1. I loved the sped up version. Your work is amazing and this particular session was very helpful. Thanks so much!


  2. I love the slow version. Am learning all the time. Have you ever done a fuchsia lesson. It’s s flower I would love to paint for my dad who can no longer do any gardening. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent xx


  3. Lindsay, the speeded up version was great BUT I am SO HAPPY you made a real time version! It will be so fun to paint along with you. 🙂
    Thanks for making th video, for sharing your talents with us, and for sharing your knowledge. You are a great teacher and artist.


  4. I actually like both versions! I think watching the long version first and later before giving it a try myself checking the short version is optimal.
    Thanks for going through the trouble of making both versions for us!


  5. Thankyou so much for posting the long video!!! I watched the sped up version only to support your video
    I watch the long one to learn from you
    You are constantly teaching even when you just think your talking. I super admire that you don’t edit your videos
    Because by watching how you approach what you would call a mistake I learn sooooo much and I also learn that a mistake doesn’t mean it gets wadded up and thrown in the garbage😎. Thanks Lindsey for everything you do!!!


  6. beautiful painting we have geranium’s in pots they are so pretty most flowers are but the ruby red colours look amazing
    This is another great tutorial as always Lindsay!
    Grace from facebook 🙂


  7. LOVE that painting! Love that you have a long and short version of the video as well. Great idea!


  8. This reminds me of Switzerland, Lindsay. Lovely.


  9. Thank you, Lindsay!! Watched the sped up version to see if I thought I could paint that, and now on to the full length video! I love that you think you are just chatty, but you are still teaching us about why you do what you’re doing — and I’m learning how to think while I paint! Thanks for all of that!


  10. Lindsey….I just want to THANK YOU for sharing your unbelievable mega talents with all of us and not only opening a store full of all the things we love and need… But for all 120 some utube tutitorials you put your heart and soul into to help us use all these neat products… You are so entertaining and fun… Thank you for sharing your God given talents with all of us so unselfishly!…. You are awesome in every way!!! … Pamela


  11. THis is beautiful! Love how you used that fan brush!


  12. I like your painting better than the picture!


  13. I love watching both videos!


  14. I love your long videos! One of the main reasons I follow your videos is you talk us through your process. You show us your boo-boos and I just love your chats! You’re so funny too! I work on computers all day at work so as I work I like to listen to your tutorials. I always pick up Little tidbits. This is one of my favorite paintings you’ve done to date. Nicely done!


  15. As a Beginner Lindsay I prefer the ‘long tutorials’
    We have Geraniums in our garden 🙂
    I like the chit chat it’s entertaining your by far the best tutorials online, you make it very clear
    your sharing with us your amazing talents I enjoy every painting you do
    & you tell us step by step which is just great for us Beginners!
    aren’t creative peeps cool? 🙂
    -Grace from fb


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