Make a Hairbow Holder!

Hi friends! If you have daughters you may also have a bathroom counter strewn with hairbows and barrettes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a stylish way to organize them? Even better if you hang the on their bedroom wall!

DCF 1.0

You can make the organizer with longer ribbons to accommodate more barrettes if you like. I am using 2 1/4 and 5/8″ wide grosgrain ribbon from Offray. I like grosgrain because it is very durable and sturdy and resists fraying. The plaque I am using came from the dollar store. I painted it with acrylic paint and stamped on it years ago but I really did not have a use for it. You can use a piece of wood or decorative sign as well. You can even add cup hooks to hand jewelry from too!


1. Using your plaque/sign as a guide determine how many strands of ribbon you want, trim them, and space them evenly across the edge of the sign. Make sure the ends are on a hot glue (silicone) mat.

2. Apply a strip of hot glue across the ribbons to tack them in place and let cool, then add a larger drop on each ribbon end.


3. Carefully center the sign over the ribbon and press it into the glue.


4. Flip over the sign and trim off and glue strands that appear between the ribbon. You can cover the back with felt if you desire.


5. Add Fray Check or seal the ends of the ribbon with a lighter to prevent fraying.

DCF 1.0

Remember you can put longer ribbons on the hanger to hold more bows. I hope you give this DIY a try! Thanks to Offray for sponsoring this post, check them out for all of your ribbon needs! Happy crafting!

DCF 1.0

9 Responses

  1. Cute idea! FYI… it should be ”Des Jardins” with an s at the end. 😉


  2. That looks really. Curve


  3. Thats AWESOME Linsday!! I just finished a buncha barrettes and couldnt figure out how they were gonna be displayed at my next sale…This is an AWESOME idea!! I will put pricing on the plaque…THANK YOU SSOO much!!!


  4. Very pretty!
    What a cool idea! Your so talented Lindsay 🙂
    so much ‘crafty goodness’ (I like those words) LOL
    have a nice day Lindsay!


  5. This is great idea. Guess what I am going to make for my granddaughter. lol


  6. This is stylish and useful, Lindsay. Made any size that suits the need, your idea has many possibilities. And what a great gift idea, too.


  7. Awesome DIY!!


  8. 6 very cute idea


  9. What a great project! Can’t wait to see the video on this!


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