What are Brusho Crystal Colors? {review & demo}

Hi friends! Earlier this week my order of Brusho Crystal Colors arrived. I had ordered a red, yellow and blue bottle of the powdered watercolor paint curious to try them out. I also wondered if I could get the look of these using supplies in my stash.


I compared the Brusho paints to powdered fabric dye and grated Intense blocks, chalk pastels and watercolor pencils to see if I could duplicate the look. My results are in today’s video!

Honestly, I wish I bought more colors but they are not too expensive so I might grab a few more the next time I place an art supply order or if I am lucky I might find a vendor selling them at the Heirloom Stamp show (that’s where I am this weekend as you are reading this!) If you want to see these used on an actual watercolor painting I have a tutorial I just posted on YouTube of geraniums on a windowsill that you might enjoy. I only used the Brusho on one part but I really liked the effect! Thanks for stopping by tonight and til next time happy crafting!


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  1. I have wondered about Brushos for a while because a fellow blogger uses them in her backgrounds all the time. I asked her what they were, but I didn’t really understand her explanation. I searched You Tube, but it wasn’t any clearer. Your video was perfect. Thank you so much. I love the effect and will look into getting some.


  2. I love your videos I watch all of them as they come and what I am able from the archives. Thank you for doing this. I a learning so much from you. Now, I have a question. What kind of ink did you use on the stamp? It held up so well in all that water.


  3. Very nice. I hope you are having a good time wish I could be there.

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  4. I Love Brusho but you pretty much have to give up any control you think you may have!

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  5. Oh my gracious Lindsay. I just got my order of Ken Oliver Crafts “Color Burst” powder watercolor pigment today(funny you just did this video). It is similar to the Brusho but these come in a 6g bottle that looks like an eye dropper bottle for ease of use, but the same concept. I have to say that this product is fabulous which ever brand you choose. I have always love the watercolor look but was a bit intimidated at trying my hand at it and this make it easy to just delve in with no thought and JUST DO IT! The color burst is a bit more expensive, not much but a bit, I may order the Brusho because I believe you said they have 12 colors and Color Burst only has the 6 colors(I have them all) so I can get color I don’t have . Thanks for the video you really make me feel like I can be an artist too, not just in my head, LOL.


  6. Thanks for this demo Lindsay. I’ve read and seen people talking about Brushos so now I know how they work. I have used powdered dies many times to make stunning backgrounds and while I do love vibrant colour, I sometimes think that they are just a little too vibrant for most cards that I make but thanks so much for your research and comparisons.


  7. Very interesting…I would how you would actually watercolor with them..I guess you could put them out on you plate…thanks for the different technique…


  8. I’ve been using Brusho for a while an love the effects that can be achieved depending on the quantity of water used .. I also use them like paint mix with water on. A pallet, it lets you mix the colours before you start colouring. No waste either just reactivate with a drop of water and carry on colouring.I use the with Memento ink London Fog for cool winter layouts. Hope you enjoyed the show.


  9. Very fun. Were you able to use the sheets you demonstrated. It looked like you put 2 together.


  10. Thank U very much Lindsay! They look great and good results too from the video.
    I always enjoy your tutorials and, your so great at explaining everything being a beginner it’s amazing to learn all of this thru your tutorials!
    You are so talented Lindsay! Great tutor! 🙂


  11. Forgot to mention in my last comment. I am a beginner so everything is new, your explanations are very clear and
    I understand more now thru your videos than I did say a few weeks ago! so gonna be all good learning new skills in art and of course info!

    Painting is so relaxing for Me as Isaid in another comment on your Site I have severe endometriosis (fairly common problem but i get it real bad), so, it’s very therapeutic painting and drawing, and, it really helps bring joy and fun to your day!
    Lindsay! and wanted to thank you also for writing to us know your busy and we do appreciate you taking time to write
    best wishes! 2 you
    Grace Shack from fb 🙂

    (tend to write long comments recently Lol)


  12. Brusho had 24 colours but now they have added another 8 Autumnal colours.
    You must try the Black!
    Check my blog for some good sample colour bursts:


  13. I’ve been eyeing Brusho for a while now… It’s just too expensive for me right now… I might try grading color pencils or get some cheap chalk. Thank your for the demo! Did they have Brusho at the show in Springfield? I wasn’t able to make it due to graduation and parties for the kids, so I am bummed out… I did an on-line shopping spree instead. 🙂 Hope you are having a wonderful time!


  14. Enjoyed seeing that. It’s a good way to get little bursts of color. Pretty cool.


  15. Hi Lindsay
    I am from lancashire in the UK close to Yorkshire where they make the brusho inks. I found them on “Lavinias Stamps” website in the UK only a couple of months ago and bought the full first set of colours of 12. I love using them and their colour range is growing.
    It takes a great deal of strength not to over do it with the amount of crystals i put on my paper and prefer using good quality cardstock and not watercolour. It appears as if the watercolour paper makes the colours very dull . There is a vibrant flow of pigment and using time to allow the crystals to work is a must.
    I am glad to see an english product making its way overseas………. 🙂

    I feel so inspired by you and your exuberant fun loving attitude. You make me always want to pick up my tools and create.
    Your youtube videos are so informative and clear that i have bought one or two products on your say so and also adapted others to use to save money too.
    Many thanks for your wonderful world of crafting.
    Mandy x


    • Thanks so much! I had to wait for quite a while to get these, they are hard to find here. I was talking to some stamp companies at the convention thie weekend and they wanted to stock them but their suppliers could not get them:(


  16. I have made several attempts to make my own spray paint with metallic. Not working. Either too wet or comes out in blobs. What am I doing wrong? I tried liquid water color, crayola colors. Nothing worked. Could it be the bottles. I ordered 2oz bottles from off internet. Very frustrated. Thanks.


    • If the bottles are from Papermart they should be perfect. Sometimes is the straw that goes in the bottles are too long they get pushed against the bottom of the bottle and it won’t pull up the ink and you get no spray or uneven. Give the straws a trim and you will be fine. The mix in the bottles needs to be watery with no clumps. Good luck:)


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