Complex clouds (that aren’t) in watercolor! Tutorial!

Hi friends! By now I am probably hanging out with my crafty peeps in W. Springfield MA but I could not bear to leave you without any crafty goodness on a Friday night so how about we paint this serene scene in watercolor:


You only need three colors of paint: Cadmium Red Deep, Lemon Yellow, Cobalt Blue and two brushes:
1/2″ cat’s Tongue Filbert (Princeton Neptune synthetic sable) and #8 round (Royal Aqualon).
My surface is 9″x12″ Cotman Watercolor paper 140# Cold Pressed. Other Supplies: Painters/masking tape, pencil, water buckets and a paper towel.

Watch the video to see how it’s done in real-time. This can be painted in under 20 minutes!

The image I used as a reference is from our sponsor GraphicStock (search “fishing boat sunset” and you will find it.) You may think they are only a source for professional, commercial use clip art but they have so much more available. Have a look around and if you like what you see sign up for a free 7 day trial and download some goodies. I like how you can sort projects ideas into light-boxes do you won’t forget what you liked and then you can download the ones you want to use when you are ready, I don’t like clutter on my computer. Now, I will tell you that a credit card is required to use the free trial and if you don’t cancel before the 7 days are over you will be charged. Think of it as a “Netflix” for graphics! You can go month to month or sign up for a year for more savings.

I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

15 Responses

  1. Very beautiful painting. I really appreciate you sharing. Have a wonder weekend.


  2. Love it! I gave my brother a Bob Ross print (a special request from Renae at RMU) that I got from DebbieDrawsFunny yesterday. He and I reference him all the time! Then, we introduced my mom to one of his shows on YouTube. Happy accidents, happy trees, every tree needs a friend, etc! Loved watching that guy years ago in college – very soothing and awe inspiring!


  3. “don’t be scared”, thank you for saying that 🙂


  4. Great cloud tutorial Lindsay – thanks so much. I just worked on a card last night and wish I’d seen this!


  5. Amazing painting! I like the sky very beautiful! As always on your tutorials learn so much from your you tube tutorials
    I Love ocean, boat pics so this is cool!!
    Thank U Lindsay Great as always 🙂


  6. Just want to say thank you for a great class Friday. You must be exhausted.


  7. I’m glad to see a watercolor painting again!
    I like the way you used only three colors and mixed them. I always have problems with greens and it just dawned on me if I would use three primaries like that and mix the green it would just HAVE to match the rest of the painting! Of course that’s nothing new but it took so long for me to get the idea.
    I’m going to try it out on a small sketch right away ……..


  8. Lovely, Lindsay. You always make the step-by-steps easy to follow and that gives us the courage to attempt new techniques.


  9. Lovely painting. It’s wonderful to watch things come alive under your brush.


  10. Thank you, Lindsay. I am interested in more watercolor and watercolor pencil tutorials. Keep them coming. Learning so much from you!


  11. Beautiful !! I really have trouble painting in the sky and clouds. This will help. You are a wonderful teacher. Thank you.


  12. Excellent boat at sunset. You make it look so easy. It was great meeting you in person at the Heirloom Rubber stamp show.


  13. I just sent you a comment and a message replying to your very kind feedback about my last art work. I truely appreciate it
    By the way your boat painting is beautiful.
    Creating My Art is really helping my pain and relaxing due to my endometriosis as u said art brings joy!
    your sky and clouds are so pretty
    all the best to you Lindsay!
    Your geranium painting is amazing too very talented
    you’ll have 2 excuse my rambling
    very grateful 4 your tutorials
    -Grace from fb 🙂


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