Duck Tape & Recycled Bracelets!

Hi friends! I recently got an order in the mail and the boxes had a plastic binding around them. I though that this thin, light and sturdy materiel would make a great bracelet form. Then I remembered my box of pretty duct tape and made bracelets!


It is pretty affordable too, you just need a 11″ long strip of tape to make 2 bracelets. I think this would be a great camp or classroom craft. Feel free to share this idea with friends or teachers! Watch this video to see how to make these.

1. Cut the plastic strapping to 10″ length.
2. Cut duct tape to 11″ lengths and then cut down the center so you have 2 1″x11″ strips. You can make 2 bracelets from this.
3. Flip over the tape and center the strapping on. Trim the excess tape from one end and cut slits in the tape on the other end where the strapping ends.
4. Fold the tape around the back of the strapping. Then form the strip into a circle that will fit over your wrist and secure with the sticky end. Take the piece you trimmed off and stick down the loose end on the inside of the bracelet.

You can use a shorter piece of strapping to make a ring too!

Any brand of duct tape will work for this project, even the stuff from the dollar store. Have a great night and til next time happy crafting!

7 Responses

  1. Great idea. This also works with slap bracelets. You can still get them at party stores and for a children’s class it would be an awesome take home party favor. You do come up with some great ideas! Thank you for bestowing your wisdom and zeal for all things fun and creative. ~M~


  2. love it! I might make some for friendship day, for my niece, so she can give it to her friends


  3. Lindsay, love these bracelets! What is plastic strapping a d where do you get it. My $ Store had a big selection of printed duct tape. Hope there is still some left when I go back.
    Thanks for all the projects.


  4. Great idea! so gonna do this today Lindsay! 🙂
    i am a trainee nursery nurse and going to ask if i can assist the kids with some arty crafty goodness i suggest we do the dragon fly pic or something you are so inspirational to many of us!
    I think your the best tutor online videos
    Oh! other good news! I enrolled this week into Art class at college until Sept so I can do art stuff with the kids!
    U taught kids too your such a great tutor!

    I have severe endometriosis and all this art and craft stuff really helps my pain stomach pain i get so it’s relaxing! (hope you dont mind me mentioning it it does bother me everyday pain)
    your such an inspiration to many of us! (truely appreciate it)
    Big fan of your Lindsay!

    (doing bracelets later!)


  5. also i think i might have made a long comment there my computer has been playing up I didn’t get time to edit the mistake didn’t mean to write inspirational twice! my typing errors are so funny
    thanks and very grateful! 🙂 of your tutorials x


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