Has it been THAT long? A watercolor tutorial!

Hi friends! I have been doing a lot of painting for a freelance project that I am working on so I did not realize how long it had been since I posted a watercolor painting tutorial! My apologies 🙂 Please accept this humble tutorial (viewer requested) of a stargazer lily (you can find the reference photo  by Tracee Murphy here) for your painting enjoyment.


The watercolor pencils I sketched with can be found here. You can use any brand you like but the Primas are a good value for the quality. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and til next time happy crafting!

16 Responses

  1. so glad to see another watercolor tutorial – my faves! 🙂


  2. Thanks for sharing loved it.☺


  3. Having a cup of tea watching your great tutorial and, your stargazing lilly is beautiful going to do one this Afternoon 🙂


  4. These are my favorite flowers. Thanks for the Tut’ As always – love the ideas!


  5. Lovely!!!!!


  6. Beautiful… you make it look so easy!

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  7. You always get me interested in doing a watercolor, after watching your tutorials. Thanks for taking the time to make them for all of us!


  8. Thanks for an awesome tutorial! Lovely painting, as usual!
    I wanted to share a DIY idea I had for a mixing palette – place a sheet of copy paper in a plastic page protector. You can even fold it up inside an art journal for painting on the go – just wipe it down with a paper towel when you’re finished. Works especially well for blending watercolor markers!


    • What a good idea! I laminated my color chart and have it in my backpack with me, I never thought of just turning it over and using the back side as a mixing palette! I was about to stuff a sheet of paper into a plastic page protector when it dawned on me I was carrying that color chart around all the time although I never really use it anymore. Thanks for your inspiring idea!


  9. Absolutely beautiful! I really enjoyed watching and learning.


  10. It looks beautiful


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