4 Million! What? & Fast and Frugal Teacher’s Gifts!

Hi Friends! I just looked at my blog stats and I hit 4 million views today! Wow, thanks so much guys for helping me reach this milestone. In a time where people are saying that blogs are not relevant you have proved the nay-sayers wrong in fact my blog has never been busier, the last million views were gained in 11 months. I am so thankful for that:) Let’s go for another 4 million! Today I have a fast and frugal gift your kids can make for their classmates and teachers (or a gift teachers can make for their students) for the last day of school.


I used 1″x7″ clear cello bags from Papermart. These are the same kind of bags I use to package my earrings, greeting cards and watercolor paintings. They are FDA food safe and crystal clear. Other than that you need cardstock, adhesive (double-sided tape woks great and is easy for kids), stamps & ink, and a brad if you are making a pin wheel favor like mine. Watch the video to see how it is done.


Since I get asked this everyday by someone I will let you know what sizes of clear bags I keep in my studio for various packaging needs. You can package most things with just a few sizes.

1″x7″ – (used in today’s project) also good for chocolate pretzels or test tube looking favors.

3″x5″ – Earring cards, ATCs, Poops & Soups, Candy

6″x9″ –  Greeting cards, favor bags like my S’mores Kit project

11″14″ – Small matted watercolors

16″x20″ – Large Matted watercolors (Actual size is 16 1/4″ x 20 1/16)

You may find other sizes more useful for your particular needs but I love that I can use these for both packaging food and crafts. If you end up ordering a lot of bags (over $200) you will get a 15% discount so it  pays to stock up, maybe go in on packaging supplies with friends. I used to do that when I started out.

Thanks to Papermart for sponsoring this post and thanks to you for stopping by and helping me hit my 4 million views milestone! Happy crafting!

17 thoughts on “4 Million! What? & Fast and Frugal Teacher’s Gifts!

  1. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    CONGRATULATIONS on reaching the 4 MILLION VIEWS!!!! Wishing you another 4 MILLION.
    Thank you for sharing this great gift idea. Children will enjoy making them.
    Best wishes.


  2. I hope this helped lift your spirits today! We will still all be here patiently waiting when you get your projects, classes, and other things you are feeling stress over are done. Congratulations! You are a great person and make me happy every time I watch you videos. Have a great time at the show–wish I could be there.


  3. Hi Lindsay. I so enjoy watching for your newest post. Even if I am not participating I like seeing what is new. You are fun and inspirational and not so full of yourself that you can be human with the rest of us. Keep it up. Especially enjoy your watercolor posts. Enjoy the stamp show! Hilary


  4. Congratulations on the 4 million views! LOVE the clear bags and use them for so many things that they have become a staple in my house! Will have to check out Papermart’s prices because I am running a little low on some sizes! thanks for the info!


    1. Congratulations, Ms. Maine! Why am I not surprised. Your videos are full of great techniques, and you are always so cheerful, which always brightens my days! Thanks for all you do for us!


  5. Grace from fb nay sayers are just people whom probably have nothing better today than just say mean nasty stuff
    I think your amazing artist and your craft tutorials are great.
    So cool and informative style your a great artist and your videos are some of the best tutorials online
    Everyone says how much I hav improved in my own drawing and paintings and now braclets lol so a well deserved number of viewers!
    as i said before wish I could come to one of your classes be so great and your daffodil tutorial was so pretty very realisitic flowers. you paint so pretty pics.
    so ther you go some cool feedback very gratefull 4 your feedback as i said on fb keep crafting frugal crafter 🙂
    Watching your poppy video watercolour crayons very nice! flowers are such a fun and pretty to paint or draw
    I will share some pics with you again
    hopefully tomorrow try and get my proper camera fixed

    -I forgot to point out I always find people who are mean usually have some problem of there own so I wouldn’t listen I have had some nasty messages i think social media is a good tool but people who have nothing else better to write tend to miss use social media as a tool for being nasty
    so we’ve all had comments like that.
    you deserve all of the success 🙂

    All the best 2 u Lindsay!
    from Grace Shack (fb)


  6. Good for you! I’m glad so many others have become fans like me! All it took was one video & I was hooked. Congrats!


  7. Wow, congratulations. Your hard work has paid off. The little treat bags are so cute and perfect for Halloween too!


  8. Congrats Lindsay on your “millions” all four of them WOW! Those numbers will keep on adding up because I know how much I enjoy, really enjoy your videos and your bubbly personality. Hugs and Kudos to YOU,


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