I almost restarted recording but thought nah…oh, and winners!!!!

Howdy friends! I just got back from my kids elementary school band concert, it really means the school year is almost done when that rolls around! Last week when Kathy and Lorraine came over I talked them into filming a second AAC episode for you! I am not sure when the next one will be because I am “right out straight” until the Heirloom Stamp show. Speaking of that, I have winners to announce!!! The following people will get a free admission ticket to the Heirloom Production Show in West Springfield MA, don’t fret if you did not win you can still get discounted pre-sale tickets online for $6 each ($8 at the door) and while you are there you might want to sign up for one of my watercolor for stampers classes. I am so excited about meeting many of you at the show! If I had fewer than 12 people enter to win I was going to give some winners extra tickets but since we had many more than that each winner will get one weekend pass to the show. The winners are:



Syd Howard


Ginny Maxam

Betty Wlazlo



Jen Johnson


Carol Blais


Winners, I have sent your email addresses (the one you used when leaving a comment here) to Heirloom and you will receive a custom printable ticket via email. I can’t wait for the stamp show!

And now, here is the latest Ask a Crafter, we got off to a rough start, well, what’s new right LOL!

I’d love to chat more by it is getting late and I need to chillax…OK it’s late, I normally don’t talk like the cool kids, well, like they did 5 years ago LOL! Have a great night and til next time happy crafting.


18 Responses

  1. Yay! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to attend! 🙂


  2. Thanks, ladies!


  3. Tell Kathy that the color co-ordination of her shirt and her mug is super!


  4. I am interested in Stampin’ up


  5. just going out and wanted 2 post a comment to say sent you my art one pic at a time cause i am rubbish with web cams! haha your new video as always very entertaining i have learnt so much from you Lindsay! amazing should have ur own show seriously 🙂
    you make an awesome tv presenter better than our english art tutors!
    (well enjoy your day i am doing my nursery nurse course (volunteering work)…

    just wanted to thank u once more u rock frugal crafter
    bet ur a great tutor! wish i lived in maine and have a class be hoot! your so amazing at painting and eveything you do on your you tube tutorials x
    hugs Grace from fb

    P.S. Got an A in school for art 🙂


  6. HI,
    First you guys make my day. I enjoy watching you every time. I have a question.I need a printer. I would love to get one that is good for crafting. Also take in to a count the cost of ink. Have you every compared any different kind of printers?
    . I have seen a cannon printer on some craft places what do you think? Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Thanks -keep the great work going


  7. If I had unlimited data I would sit and watch u with a cup of coffee. But I don’t. I have a 20 gig bucket each month. I’m sure others don’t have unlimited data so my suggestion is to be kind to data poor viewers and shorten ur videos by cutting out unnecessary content. I would like to see the answers to the questions but just can’t afford the data to get to the content.


  8. Thank you, so much! I can’t wait to go – I haven’t been in a couple of years, I think, and I’m getting back into creating art, so this is very timely. 🙂 Love your blog and YouTube channel, Lindsay!


  9. Lindsay – Since I need an timely answer, and you said in your video to post those kinds of questions, here goes.. First, I am excited to be taking your afternoon class in West Springfield. The weekend before W. Springfield, I’ll be at another show, earning “money” by working for a vendor, I may be able to select watercolors for my pay. Question: What kind of watercolors will be used in the afternoon class? paints? markers? dabbers? Please let me know! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


    • we are using tube paints BUT I will be proving the materials and you will be able to take home what you don’t use (I bought everyone a small palette they can keep and you will get to keep a brush because the awesome folks at Royal is sending me a brush for each student!) So you should get whatever you want:)


  10. Sure wish I could go. Would love to see you girls. So Lindsay have a margarita for me. My favorite drink. We are heading to Florida for a week on the 5th. My husband goes fishing while his sister and I go shopping. We go to all the craft stores and have a good time. Have a good weekend.


  11. Thank you so much!!!!


  12. Lindsay, THANK YOU !! Really appreciate this win. What a great surprise – reading your blog message and getting the note from Heirloom. Thanks again for your generosity – my sister and I are looking forward to saying “Hi” at the show! See you there ! Jennifer


  13. Love watching your AAC videos!


  14. Yay! Congrats ladies! So excited for my first trip to Heirloom this year! I just bought my ticket and enrolled in one of your Lindsay! 😆



  15. YEAH….thank you so much for the ticket. Hoping to run into there.
    Thanks again


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