Pretty Butterfly One Layer Card!

Hi friends! Let’s make a quick one layer card. I am using new Painted Butterflies and Halftone Hello stamps from Altenew and Lawn Fawn ink pads. You can use any type of dye ink and solid image stamp you like for this technique though. You will also need a pattern stencil of your choice, I used a quatrefoil design.



I made homemade sponge daubers I used in the video with bottle-caps and cosmetic sponges, you can find that tutorial here. The Rock ‘n Roll technique I showed you in the video is a great one for giving new life to a solid image stamp. Just make sure you ink the stamp up with the lightest shade of ink first so you don’t contaminate your ink pads. I hope you give this idea a try, and til next time happy crafting!


13 Responses

  1. I really love everything you do…..when I play your video, it’s like having a girlfriend sitting next to me! Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Lindsay, I think it might be a warm hello.Love the card and I have said it before I could listen and watch you all day. Have a good week.


  3. Just want to tell you that your “cheerful chatter” is not a waste of anyone’s time…it may just be the uplift that some of your viewers
    need. As Dianne above stated it’s like spending time with a girlfriend.
    Your love of crafting is always inspiring.

    You save us $$ and sometimes we learn from your mistakes….smile!


  4. I love your closing comments about buying what you will use, not just because it is what everyone else is buying! My sentiments exactly. Lovely video as well 🙂


  5. I like the dauber idea. Cool beans. Also I liked your red hair in the video. Makes you look younger.


  6. Tips and tricks always helpful, as is cheery delivery.
    Raises my mood, keeps up pace. Don’t comment often but this is a big warm thanks to you. Appreciate also that you not only share your ideas but how tos and reviews as products come to you.


  7. Love this idea, going to try it asap, thank you


  8. Great video, Lindsay! Thanks for reminding me about the Rock ‘N Roll technique. I enjoy your chitchat immensely! In the warmer weather, I enjoy this oatmeal recipe: Before bed, I pour dry old-fashioned oatmeal into the bowl. I add a spoonful of chia seeds and stir. Pour in enough milk to cover the oats. Place in the fridge overnight. In the morning, I add a few walnuts and blueberries for sweetness. Enjoy your oatmeal ~ cold and refreshing! Yummy and healthy, too! ♡


  9. Love the simple yet beautiful design and the cheerful chatter! Have a tip for you that I just discovered. Soak used acrylic brushes in Germ X hand sanitizer for 5 minutes then was with soap and water. It cleaned up some nasty brushes I would have ended up throwing away! Acrylic pain is so hard on them. I haven’t tried a store brand yet but wouldn’t that be cool? Do you foresee there to be any problems with doing this? Like paint brushes get ‘eaten’ by it after couple uses? Trial and error, I guess. Have a great day, ’till next time!


  10. Hi Lindsay, would you consider selling a few of your Papermart bins to me? I really do not need 200, but 3 would be good. I like the one you are storing your stamp pads in.


  11. The butterfly is very pretty!


  12. Such a fun and easy card when you don’t want to spend a lot of time layering paper. Thanks for spending “your” time with us.


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