Craft Fair Recap & Grab Bags 4 Sale!

Hi friends! As promised I am sharing how I did at the higher end craft fair I exhibited at 2 weeks ago.


I had revamped my packaging and edited my booth so it did not look like too much of a hodge-podge. I stuck to my best sellers and left the rest behind. Since I changed my packaging on new products I took all my jewelry in my old packaging and put them in grab bags because in the past grab bags have always sold out.


I made some mistakes (one that const me money and sales!) and learned a few things from other vendors at the show including one question you need to ask before you agree to rent a table.


EEEK! The Large grab bags are sold out! I still have a few small $5 bags and a few Bow MAking jigs though. Thanks so much for making my day! What a happy email inbox I had today. It you have already ordered you are all set and will receive an invoice for the grab bags you wanted.

So, I have a lot of grab bags left and I really do not want them taking up real estate in my rented booth at The Schoolhouse Antiques Mall since my booth is only 6’x9′ so if anyone want to order them I will give you show pricing: $5 small ($10 value) or $10 large ($20-$50 value.) (Large is sold out, sorry:( )The grab bags have great stuff in them, they are ideal to separate up and give the items inside as gifts, they contain earrings, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, amulets, beaded bookmarks and rings. I grab-bagged them so I would not have to re package them with my new labels and honestly, I get more motivated to create when I have space in my booth! I will even give you free shipping if you are ordering in the United States. If you want to order one or a few of these email me at and put “grab bag order” in the subject line. Just let me know how many of what size you want and I will send you a PayPal invoice. Also we just made a new batch of Bow Making Jigs and I will throw in a small grab bag with every domestic (USA) order. The bow jigs are $20 plus $6 US shipping via priority mail. *International order are also welcome but I will have to figure postage by weight and location.

I want to thank Volusion for sponsoring this video, thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. Super Advice Lindsay!!!!


  2. Very informative! Thank you for sharing your advice and experiences.


  3. Lindsey, this is what I like about you! Your are SHARING your business expiiriences with other people to help them out, no no mistakes, these are just lessons that are helping your beautiful career as a crafter/artist/enterpenuer! Thanks for sharing


  4. This was great advice for crafters. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.


  5. Great video Lindsay!-I’m referring it to several crafters I know who have asked me questions about this topic! Excellent advice!


  6. I’m sorry, I couldn’t watch your video because of bandwidth but I wanted to give some input.
    Can you change your coverings to black? Cover the entire table with a black cloth. Make it all uniform, black is classy. Then take your pretty “boards” and put them in a plate rack with only one down on the table for demo purposes. The ones in the plate rack would be visible but not all over the table. Then put most of your earrings standing on end in a small container much like the ones you see that hold a stack of forks or knives. All your containers should match and be solid color. Let the customer see that you have them and they can look through your extras. (keep extras under the table hidden) All those other items you have on your table above your board with earrings, you could make some kind of tiered rack to elevate them giving them their own real estate. The tiered rack brings the flow up from the table in a pleasing way to the eye.
    What I see is too much of everything, it causes the viewer brain to say “ok earrings and boards, on to the next table” . You can have small signs next to items that say something short and interesting about the item and then add “ask to see more”.
    If you can, have a backdrop in black or purple etc to hang your logo sign in LARGE! Fabric on a pvc framework might work. I used double knit for my entire booth,it didn’t ever need ironing.
    Love the grab bag idea!


  7. Good advice. I appreciate that you are willing to tell us pitfalls to avoid as well as the things that work. Could u tell how to get set up to take credit cards from customers? Thanks.


  8. Lindsay, I don’t think it took long to sell out of the large bags. I know you have been wondering if you should have an online shop but HATE the idea of sitting and listing each item then dealing with shipping.

    Have you considered having extras of things that you make on video and offering them for sale? Obviously you would add shipping but you wouldn’t need to spend a long time doing listings or taking photos. You may want to let us know how many are for sale and if you get more purchase requests then you would have to decide if you want to make more and give a date for availability. Just my 2 cents worth. We all know that opinions are like butts. Everyone has one but some stink more than others.


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