Crafty storage on the cheap!

Hi friends! I don’t know how it happens but sometimes I walk into my craft room and I swear that someone has ransacked it…then I remember that it was me not putting stuff away. So, today I went downstairs to work and I needed to clean the place up because I couldn’t think straight with all of the clutter. I did not really have the time to organize but I needed to and then I was very productive the rest of the day. I owe it to these inexpensive bin boxes that I found at Papermart:

Here are some ideas for the bin boxes. If you are going to store your marker pens in them I suggest you flip the boxes on their sides and stack them for storage but you can transport them to your work space and use them upright like this too!

They are meant to hold “parts” like wing-nuts, bolts and screws (hey, if they are meant for wing-nuts they are perfect for me!) so they were plenty sturdy for the craft supplies I needed to corral and because they are rectangle I can put a bunch on a shelf. I was having some issues with the “jewelry department” and whenever I pulled out satin cord or my box of findings I had to use my elbow to keep other stuff from being pulled off the shelf too. I love that I can grab a flat box off the stack and fold it up into a divided bin and I only have to make them as needed. Watch the video to see what I mean.

You will have to keep your eyes peeled for the new boxes I added to my shelf today (I filmed this video yesterday) they look pretty darn good for cardboard I must say! I actually ordered the boxes to make some decorated storage gift boxes for father’s day and I still intend too (fancier than my washi tape decorating LOL!) but for now they are making short work of my random bits and bobs that do not have a home in other containers I own. These containers work out to be about $1.21 a piece but they come 50 to a pack so if you do not need that many or you don’t have a friend to split an order with you could save boxes and make something similar. I used to save the boxes that 3 half gallons of soymilk came in from Sam’s Club to use as 12″x12″ paper storage until I could afford a better solution. Take the idea and run with it!  I hope you found this useful and til next time happy crafting!

14 thoughts on “Crafty storage on the cheap!

  1. Oh my!! I am a box whore and these have me drooling!! Must see if I can find someone to go halfsies with me so that I don’t have the sitting around for years but I have quite a few gift giving ideas for these!! Great for baby shower, bridal shower or birthday gift giving!! You can decorate it and fill it with baby booties, wipes, lotions and soaps for a new baby, champagne glasses, little chocolates and other bridal type things or nuts, dried fruits and granola or trail mix for Dad for Father’s Day! For the new home owner you could fill it with utensils, spices, pot holders and dish towels! Thinking when your kiddo moves into their first apartment or off to college! You could even put baked goods into each little cubby with a recipe card or chicken soup, crackers, teas, some ginger, wipes and a soup mug with a spoon for the expectant mother who is suffering from morning sickness or someone who has the flu.
    For the crafter on your list you could put in a few ink pads, wipes, stamp cleaner, some stamps and some of the smaller papers!
    Oh! The possibilities are endless!! Thank god I have ideas for boxes since I am obsessed with them!! Thanks for sharing these with me!! Not sure hubby is going to say thanks but I am!


  2. Hi,i seen those about a week ago and was gunna buy them,but for the price i thought not.sorry.i just went to harbor freight and bought stackable plastic trays,they come 20 trays to a box for 9.99,so i bought 2 for now.but thank u for the idea.i just cant see spending the money on cardboard.sorry,still love your videos. 🙂


    1. I love harbor freight too! How big were the bins? I have had my eye on a spinning metal organizer there. I’m obsessed I tell you LOL!


  3. My craft room & desk gets ransacked often too. My husband finally understood when I told him it was like mowing grass, it regularly re-occurs after shopping or creating.. I like your box with shelves. I get 13x13x2.5 boxes from a club, I cut out magazine holders from post office boxes, save shoe boxes. I’ve taught myself One Stroke Painting using these for practice. My craft containers look much better! I was spray painting the boxes, but now I’m using your background techniques, mottling, gesso, pastels, etc. I finish with clear spray paint, or mod-podge & uniform labels. (In case the contents change.) My book shelves bloom, it’s a much happier space. It’s easy to see my painting progress by comparing the earlier flowers to the latest one. I’m about halfway done painting my boxes, creating is easier in a clutter free space. I keep boxes which fit the regular plastic milk crates & the Mini ones, they make sturdy drawer frames. Just sharing.


  4. Love new storage ideas – I have SO MUCH stuff! Are the tickets all gone to the Springfield Stamp Show? I am going with two friends! Hope to see you there!!


    1. I will pick winner on Wednesday on the blog post but you can still buy them online or at the door;) My watercolor classes are filling up, the watercolor to stamp class is too full to register online (you have to call for availability) but there is still room in the Watercolor Techniques for Stamper class!


  5. I find similar boxes at Walmart when they are changing out displays. Have to catch them before they break them down.

    Kathy S…..


  6. These are great! You can leave them plain or decorate them or cover with fabric and make gifts. The possibilities are endless. Lots of products are being packaged in really cool boxes and containers now.


    1. yes and I save all the cute boxes LOL:) I think I am going to make smaller dividers to go between some of the compartments for storage for pencils and brushes so they don’t slide down in the bigger compartments too.


  7. Yes, this is a great idea. Periodically, as needed, I stroll through Home Depot or Lowe’s looking for those little empty bins. Like you said, they are perfect for sorting and storage. Sometimes I’m lucky and get a nice blank one, but most of the time there is the product name on it But hay, who cares. It ‘s free and it works and you can always cover it with paper or paint. Great job Lindsay!


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