Let’s Shake it Up with Shaker Cards!

Today I am using some shaker dies from Simon Says Stamp to make quick cards:


Watch this video to see how easy it is!


I hope you enjoyed this fun project! You can also uses these dies for paper piecing if you don’t want to make shaker cards and they are great for using up paper scraps. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


21 thoughts on “Let’s Shake it Up with Shaker Cards!

  1. Love your cards. They are bright and colorful. I have not made a shaker card yet, but you make it look like a lot of fun. I follow your blog and you always teach me something. Thank you.


  2. hi there lindsay its glow…no offense but i wondered how many times you did this video til you were happy with it! LOL… i thot for sure those sequins were gonna fly off the card and all over… you would have had to blank that out.. just try it… next time leave a long bLanK black pause and then ask us what we were all thinkng.. LOL..i am in one of my wierd watif moods which does make life interesting right now:0 šŸ™‚ … love your videos and i know you are genuine joker… like you know how some people fake it and you can sorta tell? well you are NOt like that so thats why its extra funny… Hope you arent offended and i have a feeling your not:) … but you can slam me on my email if you need to.. LOL… love u lots, glow… hey, which part of maine are you from? you have to add usa behind that or people might not know where that is.. k have a good one.. laugh along this dotted line………lol..


  3. Love Simon Says Stamp and you are my favorite person for craft tutorials. I even watch those that do not apply to my hobby of card making. Thanks for keeping it real.

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  4. I like your golf tee tool too. You are so clever in so many ways! SSS is privileged to have you as a guest! I really like your shaker card. It’s really cool no matter which way the tail flies!

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  5. Shaker cards are SO much fun! I made one once many moons ago, though I can’t remember what was inside. Something Christmasy. Very cute!


  6. What a great shaker card. This was the easiest way to make a shaker card I have seen yet. You did a great job, I know “That’s how you roll!” LOL. I always learning something wonderful from you each time I watch you. I am a very BIG fan! Hope to one day meet you. Looking forward to the next video.

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  7. It’s so great to learn how to make a shaker card from scratch instead of having to buy the window. Great job.


  8. Simon Says Stamp is lucky to have you! Never worry about not being professional enough. One of the joys about you is how genuine you are.


    1. Forgot to add that when you showed the roll of foam tape I almost died with the sheer joy of seeing such a large roll of it!! What a pleasure it would be to have that arrive in my mailbox!!! I think I would need to turn my oxygen up because I would be breathless! It has been added to my MUST HAVE list!! When I open the package I will probably have to pat it and kiss it just because it is so fantastic!!! TFS!

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      1. omg!! r these people for real?? its not gold, lol šŸ˜€ i think i heard before there is something similar/cheaper in the hardware/home improvement sections!?? i think i will figure out a diy version! cause this is just insane the cost of this stuff! wow…tfs these links Barb!


  9. very cute cards Lindsay!! loved the tute as well! wtg with SSS! they should feel honored to have such a creative and gifted/talented artist to share her gifts! šŸ™‚ i hope they make you a regular…they would be so enriched to have you on their team! šŸ™‚


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