Hey! That’s not pink and frilly! {How to make a cards for a man!}

Hello friends! I get asked often about making cards for guys. I naturally tend to create with feminine colors and organic lines and textures but sometimes you need to make a card outside of your normal style (usually when a male relative has a birthday.) I think we don’t often make cards for our men because (and this is going to sound really sexist so I apologize in advance) because we don’t think they will appreciate them while our girlfriends will gush over the glitter, hand stitching and our awesome copic coloring skills…OK I imagine my girlfriends opening my cards and fainting with pleasure over the joy of receiving one of my handmade creations, but I might be delusional. Anyway, today I’m going to show you how to make this card. Dog and Party Hat stamps from Lost Coast Designs.


How to make a card for a man:

  1. Colors, stick with blue, green, red, brown and black, if you are feeling sassy you can add orange to the mix!
  2. Texture, look for diamond plate or gear/cog embossing folders, if you don’t have any you can run the card over a few times with your car.
  3. Any Tim Holtz embellishment is appropriate for a man card. I know it can be hard to part with a precious TH embellie but you can probably steal back the embellishment later after he forgets about the card.
  4. Add a clearly defined sentiment in case he does not realize what the card is for.
  5. OK, I am totally joking with you, men appreciate the cards just as much as the ladies, they are just unlikely to gush over them:) Tip for men, if there are any still reading, if a lady gives you a handmade card gush already! OK before I dig myself into more of a hole you can see how I made this card in today’s video:

All joking aside making cards for guys is as simple as shifting your color palette and going with texture over embellishments:) And I didn’t mean to be harsh on the guys, I have just heard from so many of my stamping girlfriends say that their guys did not SEEM to really appreciate their handmade cards. But I don’t really appreciate the finesse of a football player kicking a touchdown thingie and that is OK as long as we appreciate that it makes the other person happy and we support it. That’s my opinion:) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “Hey! That’s not pink and frilly! {How to make a cards for a man!}

  1. I agree Lindsey! Finding and creating a card for a guy is tough. I have had success, though, with creating scrapbooks for my dad!


  2. Okay then. Now that I have finished laughing. I have 4 adult sons, and a new daughter in law. I have always shied away from doing “guy” cards because I didn’t think my guys would appreciate them. Thanks for the inspiration! I LOVE watching your lessons!


  3. Awesome card!! I really would like to start cardmaking, but have no clue where to begin. I had been all jazzed up, getting into mixed media and the like, but haven’t made one thing! It’s like I have all of these ideas, and I watch so many tutorials that I’ve overwhelmed myself and have burned out. Like I’m just spinning my wheels? So, I’d come into a little bit of money and have gone CRAZY buying stuff. Oh! I’m stocked up now, but have no idea what to do with it all. Everything is cluttered, and I’m totally bummed! Uugghh! I don’t even know what ever made me think I could do anything creative to begin with. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks for all you do! You’re amazing!! BTW, just wait till you hit 46!! Oh boy!! Keep your chin up and enjoy your age!!


    1. I say dive in! you can use your mixed media supplies for cards. Searh pintrest or your favorite blogs for inspiration. Have a play at making background papers on day. Cut them up and put them on folded cardstock the next. There are no rules! You can even ink up your sneaker soles to make texture on them! Have fun and play!


  4. Hey! I watch you so much I have no time to get all my projects done…I love that you make your own inks etc. I am almost 79..am just finishing a test for a quilt pattern ..I do make cards..but am far behind..I have six quilts to finish quilting..I also paint pictures..used to teach art a bit..make doll clothes & purses for my little grandgirls & greatgrand girls. Lots of things to do and get done..love it!! You have great ideas. I also am learning to play the violin.. keep going..age is a poor excuse to stop doing what you love to do!


  5. Thank you,thank you, thank you. I have been trying to find more card ideas for all the men in my life. I wish the industry would catch up and realize not every card should be frilly and flowers!


  6. Hahahahaha! I know this is an old post but it’s new to me…..actually made me laugh out loud……and the tutorial is great, thanks!💜💜


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