Almost Instant Jewelry!

Hi friends! I got a chance to try out the snap on jewelry components and European style beads and bracelets from PandaHall. They are a quick and easy way to make quick and fun earrings, bracelets and other fashionable items but being a DIY girl I wanted to see how I could make them work with some paper beads. I have the tendency to go on a bead making spree and them put them in a box never to be used. I thought this would be the perfect project for them because if I change my mind it is easy to take the almost instant jewelry apart and make something else with it!


Watch this quick video to see how I made these!


Here are the specific products I used:

I have to mention that this is the only time I have tried decorative snaps for jewelry making so I do not know if they will stay snapped tight forever, you can unsnap them (like a shirt) but I do  not know how much wear and tear they can take before becoming loose. Also the snaps come in different sizes (the ones on the earrings were smaller than the bracelet) so make sure you are buying the right size snaps for your project.


If the glitzy faceted beads I used are not your thing you should check out the beautiful lampwork and gemstone large holed beads that are really affordable.

I know many of you have been frustrated with the shipping costs at PandaHall so I am happy to report that they opened up a USA Amazon and UK Amazon store so you can order their most popular items and get free shipping! Thanks to PandaHall for sponsoring this post, thank YOU for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “Almost Instant Jewelry!

  1. like the paper beads. Made them with our kidsclub for mothersday last year. And the mommey’s loved the necklaces.
    Watch all your videos, greetings from The netherlands.


    1. You can use mod-podge but follow up with a coat of Minwax polycrylic because it will not be sticky. Actually you can just use the minwax and dip them because it is thin.


      1. Thanks! in your European Bead video I just reviewed you use clear embossing ink and powder. What is the BEST to use since there seem to be so many options. Thanks again! BTW when is the next AACrafter?


        1. Ranger UTEE is the best embossing powder for glazing beads. I have been so swamped I have not had a chance to do an AAC this week so I did the acrylic medium video to make up for that. Hopefully next week:)


          1. Thanks! Just one more thing: I am in search of Berol colored pencils if you or anyone knows where I can find any. HELP! how do I get the word out? I am not on FBook.


            1. Berols are now called Sanford (which is now owned by Rubbermaid and the pencils are made in Mexico) so if you are looking for Rerol Prismacolors you need to by Sanfor Prismacolors, All major art supplies will carry them but there has been a loss of quality with some of the pencils since the switch.


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