Classes are Open for Registration in W. Springfield!

Hi friends! If you left a comment on my 2015 classes page I emailed you yesterday to let you know my watercolor for stampers classes were open for registration. I wanted to make sure that anyone interested could get a spot so if you want to take the class you can sign up on the Heirloom Productions website. Here is a quick video to tell you all about it:

If you have crafty friends in the Northeast please let them know and help me spread the word. This is my first time teaching at this convention and I really want it to be successful! I will be attending the convention all weekend so if you are there shopping and you see me please say “howdy!” Here are previews of the projects we will make in the classes. Each class is $35 and there is no overlap between classes so you can take them both (as long as there is still room!) I will provide the supplies for use in the class but I recommend bringing your own scissors and adhesive for the techniques class.

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

Tip: if you are buying tickets and signing up for multiple classes be sure to click the back button after clicking on the class you want so you can have everything on one order (they charge a $1 processing fee per order) so you can save a few bucks and that means more money for stamps LOL!

Class size is limited to 24 so please sign up early to be sure you will get a spot! Check out the Heirloom Productions website to register, thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


9 Responses

  1. Good luck with your class Lindsay. Wish you were coming to Michigan. Peg from OSA


  2. Lindsey- I really wanted to take your class, but it’s on a Friday and well, I gotta work!

    I love your videos- you have a great energy and style. I live down in Portland, if you have classes for adults- I’d totally drive up to take one.

    Cheers! Helen



  3. Would love to do one of your classes but to far from Tennessee. Hope you have full classes.


  4. Good luck Lindsay, I know you’ll be great and it’ll be lots of fun. Just wish I lived in ‘New’ England – it’s a bit far to come from ‘old’ England! 🎨😊


  5. I would definitely take both of your classes but agree, it’s too far from Tennessee….maybe next year….OR come to Nashville! Good luck with your classes and share how it went afterwards. Happy crafting!


  6. Good luck on your classes. I looked for you last year but was unable
    to find you. Will search for you again this year.
    I will only be there on Saturday.
    Besides the classes, did you mention in the past that you will be working at Lost Coast Designs on Sat.? If so, I will know where to
    find you.


  7. Have lots of fun with your classes Lindsey!! I unfortunately don’t live in the US 😦 but I love watching your videos!!


  8. I signed up for both watercolor classes at Heirloom. I have lots to learn..can’t wait! Can you list where or when you will be working at different booths?


  9. Thanks for the heads up over the weekend! I immediately signed up for the afternoon class, even though I’m suppose to be helping set up one of the booths (my bad, lol). Both classes would have been pushing it, so I selected the one that I knew the least about… I haven’t asked permission by my “employer”, but sometimes it is just better to ask forgiveness than to get permission. 🙂


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