Modern May Baskets {and pineapples?}

Hi friends! I can hardly believe that May 1st is next week! I have been preparing for a craft show on the 2nd and I am not quite ready for it (more on that tomorrow) but I always get there in the end. I have a craft fair superpower, the crafty ninja takes over and it all gets done LOL! Tonight though I am going to share a modern twist on the classic May basket:


I used empty clear pails and other supplies from our sponsor Papermart to make this happen. Watch how easy it is!

I hope you enjoyed the craft fail share at the end. You know how I love to keep it real:)


1. Measure the can you are decorating and cut a rectangle that size out of paper.
2. Decorate the template with crepe paper and ribbon.
3. Roll up the template and insert into the pail and press to the edges.
4. Cut a piece of tissue and insert it in the pail and fill with candy.
5. Wrap pipe cleaners around the handle for a splash of color!

Leave this fun treat on a neighbors doorstep on May 1st! I hope you enjoyed this fun project and til next time happy crafting!


17 Responses

  1. pinapple may day craft fail 🙂


  2. pineapple may day craft fail… yay!


  3. Pineapple May Day craft fail……


  4. Hi Lindsay 🙂
    Pineapple May Day craft fail.
    Love your daily videos and I watch them to the end.
    Thanks for sharing!!!!


  5. Pineapple May Day craft fail, oh my! Pineapple May Day craft fail, oh my! Too funny, Lindsay!!! You crack me up!


  6. Pineapple May basket craft fail. Love it!!


  7. I dunno, I kinda like the pineapple May basket craft fail 😛


  8. Pineapple May Basket Craft Fail! Great video, as always, Lindsay! ♡


  9. Pineapple May basket craft fail. Loved the clear pails! How on earth do you find time for craft fairs? I’ve done several and know how time-consuming they are.


  10. Pineapple may day craft fail!!! LOL.


  11. Very Cheerful.


  12. It looks great love the colors! I never hear of a May basket but what a very nice idea to do for your neighbors:) Pinapple may day craft fail:D


  13. pineapple may basket craft fail


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