It was only a matter of time before I posted a funny cat video…

Hi friends! I just realized that with all of the internet content I have posted over the years I have not shared a single cat video! I am definitely not doing my fair share. Also my crafts have been kinda spendy lately so I decided I would remedy both of those issues with today’s video.


National Hairball Awareness Day is this Friday April 24th and it is meant to remind you how proper grooming of your cat can help prevent hairballs which are yucky and stressful for your cats. If my silly video makes you remember to brush your cats then mission accomplished! If you need a brush check out the complete line of deShedding products from FURminator. You will find the perfect one for your pet along with other grooming essentials.


I want to thank the folks at FURminator for sponsoring this video and for caring so much about the animals we love. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


20 thoughts on “It was only a matter of time before I posted a funny cat video…

  1. Hello !

    Fun and funny idea !

    Watching your video was for me kind of unusual and strange experience…. in that way that I had the exact same cat for years….. Even their eyes expressions are exactly the same !

    I made a chalk pastel drawing of this cat, and turned it to a fabric and some other stuff. I called this drawing “CAT’S QUIETNESS ” and “CAT ENJOYING THE SUN”. If you want to look at it and make you an idea on how much similar they are, you can have a look here :
    or here :

    Thank you for this video and for the other videos on your website.

    Sylvie (from France).


  2. how the heck did you know it was National Hairball Awareness Day? I LOVE all your videos and although I do not have a kitty any longer (ours passed away quietly at 20 yrs old a few years ago) This is an adorable idea! I think there is a “national awareness day” for almost anything! Keep on crafting. BTW…where is that acrylic mediums video you keep promising?


  3. I love you kitties and the fact that you got them from the shelter. Both of my sweet babies have crossed over the rainbow bridge and I miss them so. I do love seeing other people enjoying their kitties. I have two very large dogs and not sure how they would take to another kitty cat.


    1. our big golden retriever LOVES the cats. If one goes out she goes out too and watched her to make sure she is safe, it is so sweet, she was the same way with our chickens:)


  4. That is soooooo funny! I don’t have a cat because I would never stop sneezing. My precious toy poodle died this February and I miss her so much. At one point I thought of spinning her hair and knitting something, but gave up on the idea. Instead, I gave her hair to the birds in the spring to make nests with. Thanks for this great video.


  5. Good cat PR Lindsey. Our cat Nosey (adopted us and got his name because he IS so Nosey!) every time hubby and the dog take a walk, Nosey goes along….actually he follows Jim around everywhere!!!!
    Thanks for the cute video!


  6. Your cats are beautiful Lindsey. I love cats too much. In fact, I have been rescuing for almost 20 years now, but now I’m retiring and have only two 13-year-olds. I did have a brother/sister pair that passed just over a year ago at 19. You never get used to that, but it’s so worth it to be able to contribute to their welfare. I will however, keep the “Kitty Cat Cafe” open for the feral cats in the neighborhood. If I can befriend them enough (or sometimes trap them) they go to a rescue org. in the city for medical care & adoption or come back to me for continued feeding while they live out their lives in a place they know (neutered or spayed). It’s a win-win scenario for all. Nuff said. I enjoyed the video – especially the eyebrows – I always enjoy them. I’ve learned so much from you and you are always so bubbly and happy – who wouldn’t be lifted by them?


  7. We are a cat family…..with 20+ cats….all rescues. Good thing hubby is a vet!!! Ha!
    We have used a Furminator for years with our cats. Not all of them can tolerate the tool…..we have such sensitive creatures!!…..but most of them do very well with it. the Furminator is amazing…..just a few swipes with the tool and you will have collected an entire cat’s worth of loose hair!!! Absolutely astounding!!!
    Great video. Loved seeing your kitties.
    ❤ J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com


  8. Your video was one if the funniest I’ve seen. As a fur baby mama, I totally got the joke. Thanks for giving me a smile. Thanks for your videos!


  9. I am “catonic” for my cat. I have had many. I use to work for a cat retail store with a store manager. When someone wanted to speak to the manager, I would call Mr. Boots. He and others have been rescued. I believe in rescues. I support many groups. Our present girl, a tuxedo, was found on Petfinder’ I keep a brush on my nightstand.


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