Vintage Inspired Card for Mom!

Hi friends! Tonight we are going to make a vintage inspired card for mom. If your mother is not into cooking you could substitute the focal image for something more appropriate. I am using a digital stamp from one of my fellow designers at MyGrafico, it is from the Baking Utensil set from Lemon Elf Studios. There are so many unique designers at MyGrafico that you are sure to find something you like and since they are digital you can get them no matter where you live and they take up no storage space, yay!


I had wanted to test the cheaper cardstock I got at Target to see if it would blend well, it was not as easy to blend on as Neenah Classic Crest or PTI cardstock but I thought, you know what, people are more likely to have access to office supply store cardstock than expensive blending card so I decided to demonstrate how to deal with cheaper cardstock and still make it work.  Watch the video to see how I colored the image and made the card:



  • Choose papers and embellishments before you color because it is easier to match paper you have then to color first and hunt for matching paper.
  • Use a thumb tack and mouse-pad to make the faux stitching if you do not have a piercing wheel.
  • Layering colored pencils over markers looks great and can fix any blending problems.
  • Use a sliver of cardstock instead of string in a button for a quick, yet realistic, look!

I hope you enjoyed this vintage inspired card. Head on over to MyGrafico to see all of the wonderful printable arts and crafts supplies available, you can even check out my shop while you are there. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


8 Responses

  1. Lindsay, I am so glad you used the cheaper paper. I love the better paper but since I have to special order it, I sometimes have to use something else in a crafting “emergency.” Thanks for the tips!


  2. The Neenah at Target and Walmart is 65#. The kind that is better for coloring is Neenah Solar White 80#. Does the higher # make it easier to color? I have been hesitant to buy at Target because of the difference in numbers, and I didn’t know what difference that made.


    • it is no so much the weight but the finish and sizing as well as smoothness.It is not as smooth or as white but it does well for ink jet printing in color.

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  3. Loved your tip about using a sliver of card instead of hunting for the perfect colour of thread, this will be a real time saver for me.


  4. Thanks for the coloring tips, it’s good to know what to do with cheaper paper.


  5. Just FYI, at least here in Santa Rosa CA, Office Depot carries 110 lb Neenah cardstock in various colors in reams. Great deal I’d say.

    From Susan E. Spar



  6. Office Depot (at least here in Northern CA) carries Neenah cardstock in 110 lbs (neutral) and lower weight colors, in reams. Also 65 lb Astrobrights Metallics in 50 sheets, all at good prices.


  7. Great job again. I always enjoy seeing what you come up with and I’m always amazed.


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