Let’s Paint Tulips {as YOU wish!}

Hi friends! Tonight I am reminded of the movie The Princess Bride when Westley would always say “As you wish” to Buttercup, well tonight I am Westley and you are Princess Buttercup and I will show you how to paint this quickly or real time live format!  You can find the photo I used by Kathy Paulus Here on Paint my Photo.


Here is the speed version, I’ve had some complaints and some appreciation for the background music, let me know what you think in the comments.

And the live narrated real-time version that is a whopping 47 minutes long!


  • 8″x10″ canvas
  • #6 round synthetic and #12 flat hog brush (I used a small synthetic flat here but realized I could do that with a round brush)
  • Acrylic paint in: Cad yellow, Ultramarine Blue. Cad red, sap green and white
  • water bucket, paper towels, palette

So there is how you paint tulips in acrylics, as you wish;) Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


16 Responses

  1. Great video. I love tulips and yellow, so knowing how to create them is a treat.


  2. Great video Lindsay! Thanks for showing that you can use the craft paints to create art on canvas.


  3. I love your tulips, Lindsey! You are a very good artist, and I love watching you work and learning from you. I’m going to try the tulips, but can you show us how to make mums? Like spider mums to be more specific. I love those things and really want to make some. Thanks for your help, and Lindsey, thank you, thank you, thank you for ALL you do for us!


  4. I am loving being given the choice in the speed. It means I can skim through the video quickly with the speeded up version. If I like it I can watch the longer version when I have a bit more time. Having the longer version is always great if you want to follow along with you. I appreciate that it must take longer to produce two videos but I do like it. Thank you! Melanie.

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  5. Lindsay – Thank you – this was fun to watch (speed version) even as an experienced oil painter!! Trust me, m’lady – even at 60 minutes long, if you tape it, they will watch it. What you offer free is so valuable and worth so much more to ever so many of your subscribers!

    You are a treasure … and fun too! 🙂


  6. I’ve never painted, but always watch your videos. While you make it look so easy, you’re not fooling me. I’m intent on watching what/how you paint, so the background is very distracting. (you asked) I have a canvas or two, and some paints and brushes. Who knows, one day I might be painting right along with your video. :0)


  7. Loved them both!!! And it didn’t seem like 40 minutes!!!! Beautiful job!!!


  8. I watched the short version and am definitely going to be watching the longer version later on! Your videos are so awesome and I see nothing wrong with the music. I actually like it because it is there but not drowning you out! Peaceful in my opinion! LOL TFS!


  9. I liked the long video. I gives me a chance to actually watch how you do the painting. Keep doing the daily blog!


  10. So nice that you take the time to do both of these videos, Lindsay. I really love the long version because I really want to learn how to do it, but the short version is fun to watch also, and, I do like the background music. I never would have thought those white blobs in the beginning would have turned into such pretty flowers. Thanks again for all you teach us.


  11. I love, love, love the long videos. I learn so much about techniques, dos and don’ts. Love them! Thank you so much!


  12. I watched the longer video first. It was great for detail. This one gave me an overview that is beneficial, not only for this particular painting, but for painting in general. Both are great. Thanks for the option.


  13. I wish I seen this video before. I had made a mistake with my first painting and I try to cover it up with white paint but it came out looking very gray.


  14. I watched the long version and really, really like it. Your little detail comments along the way make a big difference for me. Thanks so much.


  15. hi lindsey grace from facebook left you a couple may be more comments and a message
    started paingting again and thanks so much for these videoes been such a help! just about finsihed the hummingbird (henry) lol and he’s looking really good so people say
    go to you tube everyone she’s amazing a real inspiration too


    • I’m sorry Grace, I have been on semi-vacation with the kids this week and I have not been on Facebook much, I will have a look:)


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