Cute as a Bunny!

Hi friends! despite the fact that I woke up to snow falling this morning I have been feeling a bit springy today. Before you know it baby shower season will be in full swing. I have an idea for a quick and easy thank you card that can be made in batches and would be a thoughtful gift for a baby shower host to give to the soon-to-be mom:


I always thought it was important to send thank you cards after a shower. But with a new baby things get busy. If a shower host, who has all the names and addresses of the guests because she invited them, made this set of cards for the new mom and included addresses for all the guests it would be so appreciated. Bonus points if you keep notes on all the gifts received;) You could even enclose a book of beautiful postage stamps and a pretty pen! (Of course I might just be an old fart and maybe people don’t do thank-yous anymore but you know what, it would make someones day to know they were appreciated and an email just does not show the same amount of care as a handwritten note.) That’s just my opinion, I welcome yours in the comments below:) Watch this video to see how easy it is:


1. Cut 8.5″x11″ cardstock in half to make 2 invitation size cards.
2. Add strips of washi tape to the bottom.
3. Tie bakers twine to the fold.
4. Stamp Bunnies and sentiment.
5. Color.


I hope you enjoyed this project sponsored by Papermart. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

21 thoughts on “Cute as a Bunny!

  1. Totally agree, thank u notes should be always sent…wish they would teach that to children..when I was a child we had to write notes BEFORE we played with our new toy or $ from grandma..I rarely rec thank u from any type of shower/wedding/graduation…sad ok I’m getting down off the soap box…


  2. Love these cards! I still send thank yous too. It’s just common courtesy! I get annoyed with friends who haven’t taught their kids this etiquette.


  3. I guess I’m an old fart, too, because I think thank you cards are a necessity! This card is so cute. I made thank you cards for my niece when she graduated from college in December and stuck her gift check inside. She used them all!- she was raised right!


  4. This card ist so cute and I’m obviously as oldfashioned as you *s*. But, what I really wanna tell you: Because I make soap, I need packaging and so I started papercrafting, doing boxes. I’m neither an artist nor a crafter, until… I discovered your videos! Girl, you drive me crazy, it’s so much fun to watch and so many helpful tricks and information! So you’re responsible, that I now must try this and that and more, more, more ;-). And yes, I love the brights, the jewels, the rainbow! The only thing I’m struggling with is the speed you’re talking *giggle*. As I’m German, it’s sometimes hard to follow. But doesn’nt really matter, I watch your videos again and again, until I got it all ;-).
    Happy regards


  5. Old fart here too. Question, Lindsay, do you use regular cardstock for this project, or watercolor cardstock? I have tried this before and the cardstock, even if 110 pound, seems to pill.


    1. this is the heavy Recollections cardstock, the glycerin in the blending pen helps the pigment slide rather than pilling the paper. Add a bit of glycerin to the tip of your blender if it is pilling:)


  6. What an adorable card set, Lindsay! Handwritten ‘thank you’ notes will never go out of style! Such a great idea to include the addresses, gift list, and postage stamps! New moms would really appreciate this gift! ♡


  7. Too cute! Is the stamp one of the ones shown in your last haul video? I think it would be great on a small Mother’s Day card as well, for those of us who are truly pressed for time or just like things really simple.


  8. Love this card! I made my daughter’s bridal shower thank you’s which she loved. When baby shower time came around, I had already started on thank you’s when she asked if I could find the time to make her some again!


  9. What a great gift idea. It really irks me that I don’t get thank you notes from my children and grandchildren. I would even take a phone call.


  10. I hope I’m not too late on this post to ask a quick question… When I clicked on the link to the envelopes, it said they were vellum. It’s so hard to purchase online, sometimes when companies don’t really give a good description of the product. I know it said “heavy weight”, and I know the vellum we use in our card making comes in various weights, but the vellum I own is not what I would want for an envelope. So, can you tell me if these envelopes are made of the slick, translucent kind of vellum I’m familiar with, or are they really just regular paper like other envelopes I might be used to using in my card making hobby? I often purchase the card and envelope packs at my local big box stores and have purchased boxes of invitation size envelopes at office supply stores, but none of them have been described as “vellum”. I’d hate to buy 250 envelopes and not be happy with them even though the price is very economical. Thanks in advance for any help!! Great idea to make the gift set of thank you cards!!!!! Your design is so cute!!


    1. Mine are like bond paper, I wonder if they mean smooth as is vellum surface because I am sure that is what I got, do you want me to double check with my rep though? I talk to her every week so it is no trouble:)


      1. Hi Lindsey,

        Thanks so much for your reply!!! I would really like to be sure before I order, so if you could check, that would be fantastic! I really wouldn’t want to end up with 250 of them if they are what I consider to be vellum. I just use “regular” envelopes all the time.

        Thanks so much!!


        1. My rep said they were the only ones they carried like that and I checked my box and it said “vellum finish” so it referred to the smoothness of the envelope and not the materiel, it is the correct item:)


          1. Thanks so much, Lindsey! I would not have ordered if I could not have been sure. Too many companies just don’t get it that a good description of their products would make a huge difference in their sales. You’d think they would realize that shopping online is different and when a person can’t hold the item in their hands and see and feel what they are buying, the description has to be good enough to give the customer the needed information.

            Hope your sick child is feeling better! Take care.


  11. I love watching your card videos, I think there my fav videos to watch on your channel. Learn something new always and I get ideas for making my own cards. Thanks a bunch!!


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